Take Your Kids to This Army Themed Park in Manesar For an Exciting Experience This Weekend!


Do you remember who we use to nag our parents to take us out for a picnic? Well, these days it’s impossible to decide where to take kids- amusement park, indoor park, a restaurant, mall. But how about taking your kids out to a place where they get to learn and have fun at the same time? What if we tell you that you could take your little monsters to an army theme park? Interesting, right? Well, we’ve found one for you! Called the Delta 105, near Gurgaon, this army themed park is where you should be headed this weekend with your munchkins.

Theme Park Fun

Delta 105, located 30 mins drive from Gurgaon is an ultimate army theme park is where you can experience the army camp life with fun recreational activities. It’s India’s first playground for army camp experience. Yes, peeps, a day here will give you a sneak peek into a jawan‘s life and what goes into the making of a national fighter. There are tons of recreational activities which you and your child can enjoy here. The theme park will offer you a memorable experience by recreating the army camp life. 

War Zone, Delta Mess, Commando & More

Delta 105, the army theme park is a camp that is designed for each one of us, including family, children, friends and corporate colleagues. And, if you are into fitness, then you should come and experience army camp life for a day.  

From paintball to a maze, they have tons of activities that will build your stamina and keep you fit. So check out all the activities to look forward here: 

Operational Briefing Zone: Here you will be briefed on a sand model about the layout of the camp, expectations from the visitors, dos & don’ts, etc.

War Zone: The War Zone at Delta 105 depicts a border area. You will be given a guided tour of the minefields, command posts, enemy areas created at the camp; it’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Paint Ball: Wear battle fatigues, body armour, and helmet and get into the war zone right away by shooting at the enemy and reaching the target. 

Delta Mess: You must have seen the army mess in Bollywood movies right? Well, here at Delta 105 they have a mess where you can savour some mouthwatering food once you’re done enjoying all the activities. 

Also, it is one of the best picnic spots for school kids. So parents ditch the amusement park and take your kids here. Are you ready to experience an army life?

Where: Pada, Haryana

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(Featured Image Source: Facebook/Delta105)


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