This Unique Spa in Mumbai Offers Salt Therapy Where You Have to Inhale Salt & Here’s Why!


We get it, life can be hard at times. Right? The daily hustle can take a toll on your body, and you’ve got to listen to the signs, buddy. Sometimes, all you need is to sit back and relax, quite literally! And there’s nothing better than going for a relaxing therapy at a spa for that much needed calming down of nerves.
If this idea of some luxurious pampering interests you, then you need to check out this amazing luxurious spa in Mumbai. Salt Escape, in Mumbai, is not a regular old spa. It’s a wellness centre where you can get treated in a natural way, that too by inhaling salt. Sounds interesting, right? So scroll down to know more about this unique therapy.

All About The Salt Escape

Tucked in Nariman Point, Mumbai, Salt Escape is the city’s first ‘salt room wellness centre’ where they offer the ‘salt therapy’ which is amazing for respiratory and skin infections. We got in touch with their founder, Jamsheed Mehta, who said:
“I suffered from Allergic Rhinitis for a long time and had no option but to keep taking allopathic medication. I did some research and found that Salt Therapy was a natural option. It really did help me! I began to wonder why no one in Mumbai had even heard of this treatment, especially in a city where there is so much pollution and people suffer from respiratory ailments all the time”.

What All is Inside? 

Salt- Salt everywhere! On the floors, on the walls and everywhere. Once you land here, you can sit, chill, watch TV or read a magazine and let the salt naturally heal you. Jamsheed added:
“Our salt therapy wellness centre is the first of its kind in Mumbai. The equipment has been imported from the U.K. and is state-of-the-art technology for dry salt therapy. We have set up our centre in a manner that gives a luxury spa feel but at the same time is as effective as possible”.

A piece of special equipment is used like the halo generator that emits grinds salt inside the room. It’s a 60-minute session wherein you breathe salt which is as good as 2% of your daily salt consumption. Therefore, this salt therapy has no effect on people who have high blood pressure

And yes, they have a special children’s room which has colourful tables, toys, puzzles, books and even a TV which will keep kids hooked while they are being treated naturally. All they need to do is just breathe normally while playing as the therapy will work magically.

So if you want to experience one of a kind salt therapy, then book your slot RN!

Where: Hanuman Building, Ground Floor, 300 Perin Nariman Street Behind Old Reserve Bank, Horniman Circle, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Check Out Their Website Here

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