9 Amazing Cocktail Recipes You Can Easily Make at Home to Wow Your Guests at Diwali Parties!


With Diwali comes the hordes of Diwali parties and we absolutely love them all! All our dear friends at one place, peppy music good food and even better drinks- that’s what Diwali parties are all about. And if you too are hosting one, then make sure you surprise your guests with some kickass cocktails. Don’t worry it’s not too tough to make a delish cocktail. At least with our help, it isn’t! So, we got in touch with two mixologists- Milan Thapa from 1 Oak and Sumit Singh from Story Club & Lounge at The Westin Gurgaon who shared some easy cocktail recipes with us. Take notes, people!

1. Sugar Berry by Milan Thapa

2. Night And Day by Milan Thapa

3. Elderflower And Grapefruit Tonic by Milan Thapa

4. Manhattan by Sumit Singh

5. Sazerac by Sumit Singh

6. Negroni by Sumit Singh

7. Chai Experiment by Sumit Singh

8. Pomegranate Greenteani by Sumit Singh

9. Raspberry Daiquiri by Sumit Singh

Featured Image source: liquor.com; punchdrink.com


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