This Diwali, Give Your House a Facelift With Quirky Home Decor Pieces From These Online Stores


The festivities are in the air already, and this has undoubtedly got to be our favourite time of the year. Of course, the biggest reason for this is Diwali! Besides the celebrations, lights, diyas, glittering attire, good food & card parties, there’s another reason we adore Diwali- tidying up of our houses and making them look like insides of a palace! Okay, we might have gone a bit overboard there. But isn’t it true? Diwali is probably the only time of the year when our homes look their best. And if you too are planning to decorate your house, then don’t worry. You can simply add quirky home decor pieces to add that oomph to your place! So, check out these online stores where you can browse and buy some amaze home decor products.


If you thought SHEIN is all about clothing and accessories, then friends, you are in for a surprise! They also have an amazing home decor collection which will add a pop of colour to your living space! From gorgeous wall hangings to innovative lampshades, there’s plenty to choose from here.

Check Out Their Collection Here

2. The Decor Kart

If you are planning to add some spark to your walls this Diwali, then you must check out wall hangings from The Decor Kart. This blue metal flower plate sculptures turned into a wall hanging looks dreamy, right? Selling everything from lamps to vases and wall decor, The Decor Kart is your one-stop-shop.

Check Out Their Collection Here

3. Elvy

If you are looking to add some contemporary and super stylish pieces for your home decor, then this is the place to be! Especially for quirky lights. We’re sure you’ll love absolutely everything from their collection.

Check Out Their Collection Here

4. Mora Taara

You can find wall plates, quirky decor pieces and more at this online store. They have really cutesy decor items like Bull Dog Bookends, Bird Set, Cute Hanging Pot Pair and more. These items will definitely add that extra zing to your living space.

Check Out Their Collection Here

5. Cyahi

Whether you enjoy bright colours or like your home done up in calm colors, you can find something for every taste here. From cushion covers, crockery to wall hangings and elegantly carved table mats, this web store has it all!

Check Out Their Collection Here

6. V Living

V Living is all about colours. So, if you want to add that pop of bright colours to your home, then this fits the bill perfectly. Their tribal cushion cover is something that will add quirky pop tradition to your living area. Of course, there are tons of other options too to choose from.

Check Out Their Collection Here

7. The Yellow Door

The Yellow Door sells a wide variety of home decor stuff which you’ll adore for sure. Candleholders to clocks to wall hangings to showpieces to vases, name it and you will get it here!  

Check Out Their Collection Here

8. Home Artisan

From kitchen trays to wall decor to vases, this home decor webstore offers an extensive range of decor products. They’ve got a delightful range of decorative objects and sculptures which are simply divine. Even though their products are on the expensive side, they seem definitely worth it.

Check Out Their Collection Here

(Featured Image Source: VLiving)


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