Coconut Sago Pudding to Singhara Pancake, Here Are 8 Unique Navratri Fast Recipes


That time of the year is here again when devotees of goddess Durga observe Navratri fast. This year, the festival started on 29th September and will end on 7th October, followed by Dussehra on 8th October. However, Navratra fast doesn’t mean you need to starve yourself and eat bland food. You can actually feast on some delicious Navratra vrat food. So, we got in touch with Rananjoy Banerjee, Executive Chef at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa and food blogger Binjal Pandya for some unique and mouth-watering Navratri vrat recipes. Take notes, people!

1. Coconut Sago Pudding-Rananjoy Banerjee

2. Singhara Pancake-Rananjoy Banerjee

3. Potato Sago Galette-Rananjoy Banerjee

4. Potato Mingle-Rananjoy Banerjee

5. Farali Aloo Paratha-Binjal Pandya

6. Rajgira Puri-Binjal Pandya

7. Spicy Peanut Potatoes -Binjal Pandya

8. Farali Batata Wada-Binjal Pandya


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