For Those Who Hate Planning a Trip, Check Out Trip Surpriser, a Travel Company That Plans Surprise Trips!


Who doesn’t like surprises? Especially if it’s a docket of the essential travel documents along with an itinerary for a trip to a surprise destination, gift-wrapped and sealed and sent over just in time for your travels. Say hello to Trip Surpriser. Just as the name suggests, this Mumbai-based travel company that plans your trip for you or your loved ones while keeping the destination a surprise until its time to go! That’s just the kind of excitement we need in our lives. What about you?

What is Trip Surpriser?

Co-founded by Shrutti Rajgarhia along with other partners, this startup travel company plans your entire trip for you, keeping the destination a surprise until you receive your tickets! We got in touch with Shrutti to tell us about this unique idea and she said,

“Planning a trip can be a tedious task. Booking the tickets and the hotels and planning the itinerary is not easy. In fact, it can be so stressful that sometimes people give up on the idea of taking the trip altogether. Which is why we take care of all the booking and planning, with of course some inputs from the client and all they’ve got to do is pack their bags and get ready to have a good time!”

How does it work?

It’s fairly simple actually! All you’ve got to do is go to their website, pick the duration you want your vacation to be – 3 days or 5 days, tell them if you’re travelling solo or with someone. Let them know your budget and a couple of other details like preferred dates and time. Whether you want an adventurous, cultural or romantic trip and what would you like to experience. And then, leave the rest to them.

“We also ask people to mention their last 3-5 trip destinations and any upcoming trip destinations if applicable in order to make sure we don’t send them to a place they have been to already. Also, this helps us get a better understanding of what kind of places they prefer.”

Customers and responses

Shrutti also mentioned, “This especially works for the younger population. The ones who have no experience in planning trip etc. Most of our clientele falls between the 23-35 age bracket.”

The response to this unique idea has also been great! We got in touch with Diana, who was sent to Thailand by the Trip Surpriser team along with her family to celebrate her sister’s birthday. “In the budget we gave, didn’t expect at all to be flying to a foreign country!! They meant SURPRISE in its true sense.”
We also got in touch with another traveller Krishna Rai who wanted to take her mother on a vacation from her first paycheck. “When the package came home, I just HAD TO open it!! It was like opening a birthday present!! Couldn’t wait to see my adventure unfold. The package had another surprise for us – tickets to the top of Burj Khalifa. We wouldn’t have gone to the top had it not been for TripSurpriser!”

What say, people? Do you think you also would want to be surprised by them?

Featured Image Source: Tour with Economads


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