8 Tasty Yet Healthy Sweet Treats Recipes For Toddlers Which Are Super Easy to Make!


We know young kids, especially toddlers, absolutely love sweets! But sadly, we are surrounded by processed sugar and unhealthy sweets. Which is why it’s best to make your little munchkins some yummy sweet treats yourself at home. In fact, you can involve your tiny tots in the kitchen while you prepare delish treats for them Trust us, it can be such a great activity. We got in touch with food blogger Divya Nair, Chef from Little Miss Muffet and Sunainaa Chadha for some easy healthy baking recipes. Take notes!

1. Whole Wheat Eggless Gingerbread Cake: Divya Nair

2. Whole Wheat Fresh Fruit Bundt Cake: Divya Nair

3. Sattu Almond Balls:Sunainaa Chadha

4. Teething Cookies: Sunainaa Chadha

5. Banana Walnut Cake: Sunainaa Chadha

6. Banana Oat Bar: Little Miss Muffet

7. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Little Miss Muffet

8. Blueberry Oatmeal Muffin: Little Miss Muffet


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