With Stamps Dating Back to 1765, The National Philatelic Museum in Delhi is a Must-Visit For Every History Lover!


A good road to discover Delhi and its historic culture is through the city’s museums. And while our city boasts of numerous museums, we bet you didn’t know that there’s a museum in Delhi solely dedicated to postage and stamps! Yes, you read it right! The National Philatelic Museum showcases the rich postal heritage of the country and promotes stamp collection hobby. Brace yourself to know more about this unique museum in the city! 

All About The National Philatelic Museum 

Reopened in 2011 by the Indian Government Postal Service, The National Philatelic Museum was built to promote the interest of the audience in philately (stamp collection). Also, they provide a common platform where all the philately enthusiasts from India can interact with each other. It displays sets of stamps that feature the gamut of Indian life, from personalities and human achievements to buildings, environmental features, and national institutions.

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Showcasing an extensive collection of stamps, you will find the first stamp issued by the Sindh Dak or Sindh Post-Office in the year 1854 here! You can even find stamps issued during the pre-independence days (1765-1947) by the Princely States of India. Exciting, right?

In addition to showcasing stamps from India, the museum also displays stamps from the world over. One of the special stamps on display is from the Army Postal Service and India Security Press, Nashik. Not just that, the museum has a beautiful collection of thematic stamps like flora, science and technology, important public figures, armed forces, transportation and from the world over.

Wait, There’s More!

The museum also an amphitheatre that hosts events, encouraging and gathering philatelies regularly. Additionally, they have a reference library that has a lot of books, journals, and related literature on philately. You need to do is just register and pay a minimal amount here to avail of all these services.

You can also see a few objects which were previously used by posties in the field – a bugle, a lantern, a sword and a pair of daggers being displayed! And if you love collecting stamps, then they have an outlet where you can purchase special edition Indian stamps.

Guys, if you consider yourself a collector, then this is the place you should check out! It’s a part of the Dak Bhawan building and is housed in the basement of the same building.  

Where: Dak Bhavan, Sardar Patel Chowk, Sansad Marg, New Delhi
10 AM To 5 PM

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