Payasam, Banana Puri & More Innovative South Indian Dishes’ Recipes You Can Try Making This Onam!


Our favourite South Indian festival, Onam, is here and we’re super excited for it. Well, surely about the ‘food’ part of it! The 13-day harvest festival began on 1st September and ends on 13th September. Apart from flower decorations and boat races, the major highlight of the festival is an elaborate meal called the Onam Sadhya or Onam Sadya. But even if you can’t make elaborate 10-12 course meal at home, you can surely try some innovative South Indian recipes, right? So we got in touch with food blogger Pooja Bhardwaj who shared some mouthwatering recipes which you can easily make at home for Onam festival. Take notes, peeps!

1. Payasam

2. Coconut Tamarind Chutney

3. Banana Puri

4. Banana Chips

5. Pepper Rasam

6. Parippu Curry

7. Masala Dosa

(Featured Image Source: Saffron Trail/ Archana’s Kitchen)


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