From Singhara Pancakes to Porridge Tikkis, Here Are The Best of Satvik Food Recipes to Enjoy This Sawan


Sawan is on its full swing and is about to end of the 15th of August i.e. Raksha Bandhan. It is the most auspicious month in the Hindu calendar and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. A lot of people refrain from eating non-veg food during this time. While some people observe fasts, some also switch to satvik food, without any garlic or onions. So, we caught in touch with Rananjoy Banerjee, Executive Chef of The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa. He shared some yummy and mouthwatering recipes which are totally satvik and vegetarian, which you can have during the Sawan month! Take notes peeps!

1. Sattu Corn Kebab

2. Crunchy Vegetable Dal Sattu Croquettes

3. Bhuni Shakarkandi

4. Singhara Pancakes

5. Paneer Stuffed Aloo Tikki With Raw Banana

6. Porridge Ki Tikki

7. Sesame Cookies


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