Checkout The Coolest Brands Where You Can Get Your Brother Super Quirky & Fun Rakhis!


Long gone are the days of the regular Mauli as a rakhi along with a box of Kaju barfi. These days we’re all on the hunt for cool, quirky and unconventional rakhis which are thoughtful and actually serve a purpose. So ladies, behold because we’ve put together a list of brands with the quirkiest, most useful, cutesy and basically the perfect rakhis for your brothers! Read on and take your pick!

1. PropShop24

PropShop24, as we all know, has only the coolest collection of pretty much everything! So of course, how could they not have a collection of quirky Rakhis, when that’s the need of the hour? So pick out a Rakhi that best describes your brother. Whether he’s a foodie or a workout junkie, a mama’s boy or your own personal bodyguard. PropShop24’s got a Rakhi for all kinds of bros!

Check out their collection here.

2. Pipa Bella

Are you and your brother both suckers for all things personalized? If the answer is yes, head over to Pipa Bella’s website right now! They have some super cool gold and silver plated Rakhi’s which you can get personalised for your bro or get one with his initials! The best part about these Rakhis? Your brothers are going to love them so much they won’t ever take them off!

Check out their collection here.

3. Chumbak

Now here’s the kind of Rakhi that your brother will absolutely love! They’ve got some pretty cool limited edition Rakhi bands which can be worn all year by your brother until it’s time for next rakhi. So whether your brother is your bestie or he’s a motorcycle dude, get him one of these bands and watch his face light up!

Check out their collection here.

4. has probably got the coolest collection of rakhis. Along with the traditional red thread rakhis they’ve also got cutesy cartoon rakhis for the younger bros and superhero band rakhis for the older ones who are still kids at heart! What’s more, they also have worldwide delivery which makes it perfect for you to send your love to your long-distance bro!

Check out their collection here.

5. Wudbox

If you’re looking for something delicate and dainty and of course thoughtful, you have to check out Wudbox. They have a great collection of elegant, pure silver rakhis that are perfect for your bro, no matter the age! Whether he’s into superheroes or gaming, trust Wudbox to take care of it!

Check out their collection here.


Looking for quirky rakhis? You’ve got to check out They legit have the quirkiest collection of rakhis. Depending on what your brother is into and what mischiefs the two of you get down to together. You could get him a Netflix and Bro rakhi or if you both like to travel together. You’ll be spoiled for choice!

Check out their collection here.

7. Ahaeli

Image Source: Facebook/Ahaeli

Do you know what would be really thoughtful? Getting your brother an eco-friendly rakhi. Ahaeli is a brand that does eco-friendly, sustainably sourced products and they promote the financial independence of artisans employed in cottage industry. So not just for your brother, you can be thoughtful towards the artisans as well by shopping from Ahaeli!

Check out their collection here.

8. GiftMyEmotions

Image source: Facebook/giftmyemotions

GiftMyEmotions is the perfect place to score the perfect rakhi for your brother! They cater to various categories such as Quirky and personalised. They’ve got steel gold plated rakhis which are love! They also give you the option to get your rakhi personalised with a picture of you and your bro or get his name written on it! Isn’t that pretty cool?

Check out their collection here.

9. Geek Monkey

With a quirky name like that, you are sure to find some of the quirkiest stuff at this place! Geek Monkey has some super cool rakhis that your brother is absolutely going to love. But the one that caught our eye is their Android USB Date Cable bracelet which is the best rakhi any tech junkie brother could receive! So if yours is one, you know where to go!

Check out their collection here.


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