Girls, Take Inspiration From These 8 Fashionista Bloggers to Ace Your College Fashion Game!


Going from school to college is super exciting, especially since we can go from wearing a school uniform every day to having the choice to wear whatever we like! While it does sound really exciting in the beginning, but trust us, we’ve been there and it’s not the least bit fun. Thinking of what to wear on a daily basis is not an easy feat. So we’ve got a list of 9 fashion blogger that every girl must follow on Instagram to get that daily outfit inspiration! Yes, you’re welcome!

1. Aashna Shroff

One of the biggest names in the blogging sphere, we’re sure a lot of you must be familiar with this cutie! But if you’re not, let us tell you, Aashna’s style game is super strong and almost everyone can identify with it. From cool, comfy casuals to smart, chic formals, on Aashna’s Instagram, you can find inspiration for any and every occasion!

Check out her feed here.

2. Kritika Khurana

Popularly known as That Boho Girl, Kritika Khurana’s style is especially relatable for those girls who are inclined towards Boho fashion. With perfectly styled maxis and skater dresses, to trousers and t-shirt. You can also take inspiration from Kritika on how to style your junk jewellery with your western wear! Perfect college styling, isn’t it?

Check out her feed here.

3. Sejal Kumar

For all the unaware, Sejal Kumar’s got the perfect quintessential college style. This YouTuber and Instagram influencer primarily does college fashion and her style is super comfy yet chic. For all those who like to keep it casual, Sejal should be your style guru. She also has a bunch of styling videos on her YouTube channel which you must absolutely check out for some inspo!

Check out her feed here.

4. Shivani Patil

Shivani’s got the classic girl next door style which is perfect for every day college wear. Keep an eye on her feed to get inspiration on how to incorporate bright colours, prints and patterns in your wardrobe. She styles her Indian wear just as well as she styles her western wear giving serving major looks and providing all the inspiration you need!

Check out her feed now.

5. Pooja Mundhra

She goes by the name The Cozy Vibe and that’s exactly what her style is all about. Casual, comfy and cosy, Pooja’s got the kind of style that is super easy to recreate. All the girls looking for inspiration to style shorts for your daily college wear without getting in trouble with the college authorities, head over to Pooja’s feed. We also absolutely love her collection of T-shirts and how well she styles them!

Check out her feed here.

6. Barkha Singh

You must’ve seen Barkha in a bunch of videos by the Timeliners and also in some web series. Barkha is the perfect girl next door and her style is super easy and fun! From denim jeans, skirts and dresses to flowy tops, floral prints and casual t-shirts, Barkha knows how to style them all. We love how effortless her style is and we recommend you check out her feed for some major inspiration.

Check out her feed here.

7. Sakshi Sindwani

If there’s one person who does ‘real girl’ fashion it’s this fashionista. Sakshi, who you can find on Instagram by the username ‘Stylemeupwithsakshi’ is the best person to follow for some “realistic” fashion inspiration. And that’s not even the best part, rather than just posting pictures of her outfits, Sakshi posts videos of herself putting together looks. Watch her style maxi dresses, trousers, denim skirts and a lot more. Girls, what else can you ask for?

Check out her feed here.

8. Deeksha Khurana

This list is obviously incomplete without the other Khurana sister. Deeksha’s style is super fun, casual and playful. Like her sister, she too likes to experiment with the boho style but her style is more easy-going. She loves her baggy trousers, cargo pants etc. and likes styling them with casual tees and tops. For all those who don’t like to overdo their college look, you must check out Deeksha’s feed for some inspiration!

Check out her feed here.


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