From Robotics to 3D Printing, Bring Your Innovative Ideas to Life at The Maker’s Asylum- a Community Makerspace


Started out of a garage in Mumbai 5 years ago, Maker’s Asylum is one of the first makerspaces in the country. For the unaware, makerspace is a concept which is yet to become mainstream in our country. It refers to a creative space where like-minded creators come together to work on their ideas. It could be anything, from woodwork, laser cutting, 3D printing and much more! In fact, you are provided with all the heavy-duty tools required at these makerspaces. And all you have to do is put your hands to work and convert your ideas into innovation.

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Maker’s Asylum has now become a popular community space to build prototypes, products etc. and also houses the community of artists, designers, engineers who are building indigenous products. They have their flagship spaces located in Mumbai and Delhi. In October 2018 they also launched the third space in collaboration with the French Embassy in Jaipur. So, for all you creators in the city, here is everything you need to know about your own personal co-creative space!

What is Maker’s Asylum?

Image Source: Facebook/Maker’s Asylum

Founded by Vaibhav Chhabra, Maker’s Asylum is a collaborative space to get your hands dirty and make your ideas happen. They have got 3D printing, laser cutting, woodwork machines and all the power tools to bring your designs to life. They even host regular workshops for when you need help in bringing your ideas to life! We got in touch with the people at Maker’s Asylum to tell us more about this creator’s space,

Maker’s Asylum started in 2013 out of a garage in Bandra, Mumbai and was in fact one of the first maker spaces in the country. It has now become a popular community space to build prototypes, products etc and also houses the community of artists, designers, engineers who are building indigenous products.

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What is their mission?

This 2,000 sq. ft. space in Hauz Rani, Delhi, aims to inculcate the maker culture of creative thinking and transforming ideas into reality.

“Maker’s Asylum focuses on driving community engagement under two verticals – access to Infrastructure (via tools/equipment) and access to education (via programs designed on our own methodology of hands-on and project-based learning). Our goal is to eventually become an Open University where crazy ideas can thrive and break the barriers of traditional thought/methodology of education.”

Sounds absolutely lit! They provide engineers, designers and entrepreneurs with the tools and technology in a physical space to work together and fuel the spark of innovation. It’s a collaborative space where people can come, work on their projects {of all kinds}. Not only that, but they can also meet like-minded individuals. And go back home with the satisfaction that they have found a place where they can transform their ideas into reality.

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Talking about the kind of people they host, they added,

“We host people from interdisciplinary backgrounds. This Space is open for 13+ years of age and we focus on building programs that are interdisciplinary and age agnostic.”


Image Source: Facebook/Maker’s Asylum

They have various flexible membership plans which would enable you to gain access to the community. Also, learn and share information and develop new ideas and partnerships. You could opt for their regular or alumni membership plans. They let you pick from a 1-month pass, quarter pass and a 12-day pass. You can also go for the barter system. Under this, you’d have to give approximately 10 hours of your time each month to Maker’s Asylum and they will wave off the membership plan for you. Can’t get better than that, right!

What if you’re a Newbie?

Fret not because they have tons of workshops and classes for beginners and even those of you have some bit of training in a particular craft.
Electronics and Arduino workshop, Laser Cutting workshops, Bamboo Weaving workshops- these are just some of the super interesting workshops lined up this month. With so much going on, you can ditch your usual, everyday hobbies and opt for something more innovative and make it a learning process!

For more information, you can check out their website.

Where: 268G, Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

Contact: 088264 46828

Featured Image Source: Facebook/Maker’s Asylum


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