Check Out These Brands With The Cutest Planters That Will Help You Jazz up Your Space!


With the sun playing hide and seek, the days are gloomy and the evenings, cloudy. While we are hoping and praying for some respite from this heat in the form of a downpour, however, we’re sick of the colourless, drab days. And nothing adds colour to our days better than some beautiful flowers and plants in cutsey pots and planters. If you’re as obsessed with pretty planters as us, we’ve got a little treat for you! We’ve put together a list of places selling the cutest planters you can possibly get your hands on. Read on to know more!

1. Chumbak

Chumbak is a brand that literally features in the list of all things cute and quirky. Even the Chumbak stores are so colourful and attractive that you absolutely have to walk in and check out their stuff. Among other things, they have some of the cutest planters! From a charming little llama planter to the cutest panda planter you’ll ever lay your eyes on. But what really caaugh our attention was their Succulent Thoughts Planter which we think everyone should get for their work desks! If you don’t believe us, go check out their collection yourselves.

Check out their planter collection here!

2. Propshop 24

There’s nothing under the sun that you wont find on this website. From stationary, gadgets to beauty and fashion. And under their home accessories section they have some of the most innovative planters we’ve seen. Planters that look like wall pockets to stainless steel ball planters and even a write-on-me planter for your self-motivational quotes etc. That’s not even all and we can go on and on about their collection but we’d rather you check it out for yourselves.

Check out their collection on their website.

3. Vajor

Vajor, as we all know, has the cutest collection of home decor items. (Trust us, you can’t scroll through their site without saying ‘I want that’ at least a million times!) What’s caught our fancy are their jute planters. They have them in all shapes and sizes and we really recommend you get one! They look like cute beach bags that you could keep in a corner in your room and they’d totally give an aesthetic vibe.

Check them out here.

4. The Wishing Chair

Just browsing through their social media or passing by their store makes us want to own every single thing from their collection. Their cute vases and planters are no exception. Get one for your work desk or your study table or one for your room or the balcony, they’ve got them in all shapes and sizes. You guys have to check out their Pink Car Vase, it’s the cutest and obviously our favourite!

Check out their collection here.

5. Earth Garden

Earth Garden has a huge collection of pots and planters that you must get your hands on to beautify your home garden, balcony or terrace. They have hanging basket planters, cascade planters, cauldron planters, wall planters and the list is endless. Their collection of hanging baskets is super cute, and our favourite is the conical hanging basket. Check out their collection to pick out your favourites.

Check out their collection here.

6. Living with Elan

Living with Elan is a brand that plays with pastel hues and bold patterns. They have the cutest collection of decorative, vintage planters apt both for the outdoors and indoors. Their cute, small, pastel coloured planters make the perfect work desk accessoryand the patterned bucket shaped ones are perfect for the outdoors. We absolutel cannot get enough of their looks like leather planters and the pout watering can planters. They are perfect to amp up your space!

Check out their collection here.

7. Mora Taara

If you’re looking for something a little b it more on the sophisticated side, Mora Taara is the place for you. They’ve got a carefully selected collection of colourful pots and planters that come in all shapes and sizes. They make for the perfect decor for your living spaces and help add greenery and colour to your home. Their Black Round Planter and Brass Ridged Planter are two of our favourites!

Check out their collection here.

8. Earthly Creations

Earthly Creations has got pots and planters depending on the place you want to out them in. From floor pots to hanging pots along with space saving pots and wall pots, they’ve got it all! Bright colours and beautiful patterns, their pots and planters can brighten up your living space like nothing else, especially in this gloomy weather!

Check out their collection here.


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