Follow These 8 Instagram Doodlers & Illustrators For Your Daily Dose Of Creativity


Doodlers and illustrators on Instagram are all the rage. Nothing can put thoughts and creativity better on paper than. You do it in your free time when you’re bored in class or in a meeting or even when you have a ton of work to do but just don’t know where to start. While some of us do it casually, just for fun, there are others who do it out of passion. In fact, some have even made a career out of it like Angel Bedi, the girl behind The Filmy Owl. But whatever the intention, what we can’t get enough of are their Instagram feeds. So here’s a list of some of the best Instagram doodlers and illustrator who you should definitely follow for your daily dose of funny and inspirational doodles!

1. Neha Sharma (@neha.doodles)

Image Source: Instagram/neha.doodles

Neha Sharma, an illustrator and doodler based out of Delhi can doodle just about anything and on any surface, she can get her hands on! Her quirky doodle memes and comics are about current affairs, conversations she overhears in the metro and her cute furry friend Minty among other things. With funny and generic content about things we experience in our daily lives, there’s not a single one of you who won’t relate to her doodles. Plus, her Insta stories featuring her conversations with her mom are bound to crack you up!

Check out her feed here.

2. Alicia Souza (@aliciasouza)

Alicia Souza who started doodling as a freelancer to pay the rent is one of the best doodlers on Instagram and even has her own merchandise!
A liking for funny characters and a special love for drawing cartoons is what reflects in her work. From drawing many different characters in the past, Alicia now prefers to tell stories and incidents through the ones who are a part of her life. You’ll see a lot of cute relationship doodles featuring her husband and some other nice ones featuring her dog. Alicia’s account is what we call a doodler’s paradise!

Check out her feed here.

3. Mounica Tata (@Doodlodrama)

Image Source: Instagram/doodleodrama

With a vibrant colourful feed, Mounica Tata is easily one of the best illustrators/doodlers on the gram! Her content is super innovative and inspiring and has left us lovestruck. She depicts her thoughts and creativity through her doodles which are mostly about things we experience in our daily lives and a lot of other inspiring quotes and comics! We are in love with Mounica’s content and we’re sure you’ll feel the same.

Check out her feed here.

4. The Bombay Doodler (@thebombay_doodler)

If you’re interested in art or an artist yourself, you must follow the Bombay doodler! Less comic, more artsy the Bombay doodler’s black and white and sometimes coloured illustrations have got our heart! From mandala art to caricatures of people and lot’s of beautiful quotes and beautiful illustrations of monuments, there’s nothing this guy can’t put on paper in black ink. Along with addressing social issues through his doodles, he has also contributed to some beautiful graffiti walls in the city of dreams!

Check out his feed here.

5. Saloni (@moodyymoo)

A beautiful, vibrant and cutesy feed, Saloni’s doodles are mostly inspirational quotes that you can’t help but repost. For all GOT lovers, you’ll find that Saloni is a GOT fan too, what will so many doodles revolving around the show and the popular dialogues. Ladies, Salonia understands us and our issues like PMS etc. and doodles about them too. There is no way you can leave her profile without hitting that follow button. Trust us., we know!

Check out her feed here.

6. Samar Khan (@metrodoodle)

Image Source: Instagram/metrodoodle

A full-time software developer and freelance illustrator, Samar likes to draw in his commute in the metro. Taking inspiration from the NYC Subway Doodle account, Samar sketches and doodles on pictures taken on the Delhi Metro. He turns regular, everyday scenarios into stories involving alien like extraterrestrial creatures. So for anyone who is bored with their regular lifestyle, take a look at Samar’s interesting and innovative take on the normal everyday life!

Check out his feed here.

7. Sadhika Gupta (@delhidoodler08)

Sadhika Gupta aka Delhi Doodler has blessed her Instagram feed with some beautiful doodles created with soothing watercolours and amazing calligraphy. Her content is simple yet very creative as she places her doodles in front of real-life backgrounds giving it some more life. Her play with colours and calligraphy makes the doodles more lively and interesting. One should totally attend a workshop to learn some artsy stuff!

Check out her feed here.

8. Doodle-O-Bong (@doodleobong)

Image Source: Instagram/doodleobong

Be it Mother’s Day – A special occasion or Inspirational Quotes – This one has got it all on her feed. She’s got her creativity on point with her artsy doodles.  Covering everything relevant in pop culture, her doodles also involve a lot of Bollywood related stuff. In fact, we spotted quite a few illustrations of Ranveer Singh on her feed, but then again, who doesn’t love that guy right?

Check out her feed here.

Featured Image Source: Instagram


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