Moms & Dads, Check Out These Quick & Easy Kid-Friendly Snacks Recipes For Your Little Ones


Summer vacations are about to get over and these are probably the last few days before your little ones’ daily grind begins again! So, how about making the most of this time by whipping up some tasty snacks for your little ones? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We caught up with food blogger and chef Divya who shared quick & easy kid-friendly snacks recipes with us. Read on!

1. Masala Macaroni Pasta

2. Hung Curd Sandwich

3. Strawberry Freak Shake

4. Veg Cheese Garlic Bread

5. Pancakes With Chocolate Sauce

6. Monaco Cheese Corn Bites

Divya is a Delhi based blogger with an Insta handle named tasteofgirl.

(Featured Image Source: Food & Wine Magazine)


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