Ladies, Check Out These Women-Only Travel Clubs For That Girls Trip You’ve Always Wanted!


We’re sure you’d agree with us that travelling is one of the most liberating feelings ever. And nothing spells freedom like a solo or an all-girls trip! At times you need to explore the road less travelled on your own, or with new people, other than your family and friends. So, if you too are looking for new experiences and travel companions, then here are 7 women-only travel groups that will make that girls’ trip happen!

1. The Wander Girls

The Wander Girls group organises women-only trips and events. They also organise tour packages and trip planning services for International women’s groups and solo women travellers that travel to India. From girls in their teens that go with their moms, to the young at heart women in their 70’s, they have clients from all walks of life!

We got in touch with their founder to know more about their safety measures. This is what she had to say, “As a women’s tour operator, we make sure to choose hotels, villas, and stays in safe locations. Before each trip, we send out checklists with tips on essentials for each trip. On the trip, our tour in-charge ensures that the trip goes smoothly for all our participants. We also ensure that our participants are clear on cultural differences, at various destinations as well as the dress code, if any. With all these checks and balances in place, our trips have been safe and hassle-free for our participants.”

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2. Women On Wanderlust – The WOW Club

The WOW club came up with the concept of Women-Only travel about 14 summers ago. Now they make over 150 trips a year with women between the age groups of 25-65 from varied professional backgrounds.
There are WOW Buddies present on each trip to ensure that the holiday experience is the best and memorable for all the travellers.

If you’re looking for short & quick trips like a food trail in Goa, rafting in Rishikesh or a weekend in Bali, they organise those as well. WOW has 5 to 6 Signature trips annually which these personally accompanied by WOW Founder Sumitra Senapaty. The Woman On Wanderlust is a sisterhood wherein women have their freedom and personal space to themselves. Sounds exhilarating, right?

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Facebook: wowclub

3. F5escapes

A Bangalore based travel company, F5escapes is an experiential travel company focused on redefining the way women travel in India. F5escapes aims to encourage women to get out of their comfort zone and travel in groups along with strangers by organizing fixed departure group tours.

They have tie-ups with the choicest of homestays, boutique hotels and heritage hotels across the country. Promoting local community activities and interactions are one of the best things about their trips. Educating travellers on local conditions, no-littering policy, and the promotion of reuse and reduce is also something you will be acquainted with at F5escapes.

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Facebook: F5Escapes

4. Girls on the Go Club

Since 2008, Girls On The Go club has taken women expedition cruising to various breathtaking destinations- Antarctica, photographing Northern Lights at the Arctic Circle, exploring volcanoes at Reunion Island and Santorini, hiking down a meteorite crater in Lonar, trekking up to the Everest Base Camp, staying with the erstwhile head hunters of Nagaland, camping with nomads in Mongolia etc. We’re sure just reading all these fancy trips’ names would be giving you FOMO right now!

Anyone can sign up to travel with them. They have even helped women using wheelchairs dive under water. Also, women as old as 90 years travel to the Arctic Circle in winter to see the Northern Lights! GOTG is a vibrant community of free-spirited women. Women, who are curious, compassionate, observant and want to make the world a better place to live in. If this sounds like your gig then you must sign up right away!

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5. Wonderful World

Wonderful World goes against trends to create truly offbeat journeys that fuel your wanderlust. With them, every trip is an intimate, unforgettable experience personalised just for you and a small group of like-minded travellers. They aim to help women travel, evolve and transform in a safe and fun manner. They have a wide spectrum of travellers, “The youngest girl who has travelled with us was 23 years old and the oldest 78“.

When we asked them the purpose of a women-only travel group, they said “Women’s only groups – enable women to venture out on their own. It allows women to embark on a journey of discovery, adventure and fun, even when hubby, papa, bhaiya or boyfriend are not game. Besides, More and more women are single for longer. Also, they have higher disposable incomes and the ability to make their own choices. Women’s only travel groups are a great enabler

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Facebook: Wonderful World

6. Jugni

Jugni is a women-only travel company that does offbeat locations, international tours, and weekend getaways among other things. If you are looking to travel on your own, away from friends and family, then Jugni is the one-stop-shop for you. They bring multiple lone wolves together to form a women travel group. Being in a group of strangers would also help you make friends with them eventually. And still, maintain your solo travel vibe!

The average age group that travels with Jugni is between 25 – 35 years. However, they never say no to any travel enthusiast. Talking about the safety of women they said, “Our founder ensures to accompany the group. As a pre-requisite, information about things to carry, weather conditions, mobile network details are shared beforehand. Places are well-explored and choicest accommodations are identified for a safe and sound stay.

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So, ladies, are your bags packed already?

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