Now You Can Literally Eat Gold at This Ice Cream Parlour in Rajouri Garden!


You can now wear your gold and eat it too! Yes, that’s right! De Jags, a cute little ice cream parlour in Rajouri Garden, boasts of a 24 carat Gold plated ice cream, which is a first of its kind in Delhi. While all that glitter may not always be gold, but in this case, it very much is. Read on to find out more about this swanky treat and the dainty ice cream parlour where you can get it.

What’s so special?

The Ice Cream ‘Go For Gold’ is served in a cone which consists of layers of cakes, fudge brownie, various types of ice creams and is topped with Swiss chocolate ice cream. Then three gold sheets of 24 carats each are added on top. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

How much does it cost?

Image Source: Facebook/De Jag’s

Of course, something that extravagant does not come cheap, this ice cream will cost you Rs 500. However, going by the layers of cakes, fudge brownies and the various types of ice cream, it’s definitely worth the price!

What other delicacies will you get here?

De Jags does many other ‘attractive to look at’, drool-worthy ice creams which you cannot miss! Try their Aquamarine Ice Cream which has toppings of edible marine life shapes, Unicorn Ice Cream with toppings of macaroon, candy, marshmallows and edible glitter, Dark Soul which is a charcoal ice cream

So tag your friends along and head over to this cutesy ice cream parlour for your dose of bling or any other super amaze ice creams!

Where: J 39, Rajouri Garden Market, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Contact:+91 9717895662

Featured Image Source: thecrazyindianfoodie/instagram


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