Now That GoT is Over, Here Are 9 Episodes Which Will Remain Etched in Our Memory Forever!


It’s over! Take a couple of minutes to let that sink in. The greatest TV series of all time has finally come to an end and we just can’t deal. But we need to address the fact that this is not the ending we were hoping for. We definitely expected something a lot more epic. While the disappointment is real, we are also really sad because we have nothing to look forward to anymore. So, let’s relive the horror and the glory of our favourite TV show through our top 9 favourite episodes to remind ourselves that while this season may not have been great, GoT still happens to be the greatest TV series we have ever seen!

1. The Lion and The Rose – Season 4, Episode 2

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Was there anything more satisfying to watch than Jeoffery choke to death at his own wedding? The answer is a big fat NO! There was absolutely nothing redeeming about that guy as it is and his behaviour at his wedding feast was even more hateful. Sansa acted wise and made a run for it with the help of the fool Dontos, who was once a knight. And we are glad that she did because Tyrion and she are swiftly accused of murder. All in all, this was one great episode but the death of the most detested character on the history of this show is what puts it on this list!

2. The Mountain and The Viper – Season 4, Episode 8

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Of all the horrific death scenes in GoT, this one might have made us feel actually, physically ill. Prince Oberyn of Dorne fought against Ser Gregor Clegane (aka The Mountain) in a battle to decide whether Tyrion will live or die. Why? Because that’s just how justice is served in Westeros, OK? Oberyn believes it was The Mountain who killed his sister and her children, so he’s quite furious and hops around with his poisoned spear like an angry frog. Ser Gregor, frankly, couldn’t care less. Oberyn gets a hit! Then another and then he obviously gets cocky. As he prances around Ser Gregor’s mammoth body on the ground asking him for a confession, Ser Gregor gives him one — while clawing out his eyes and caving in his skull with his bare hands.  

3. The Children – Season 4, Episode 10

This had to be on the list for all the surprising shit that went down in this episode. Jon Snow tries to make peace with Mance Rayder (who remembers that guy?). Then Stannis comes in and tramples the Wildlings. Which means peace isn’t really necessary. This is also the episode in which Bran meets the Children of the Forrest and the Three-Eyed Raven. But the best part comes in the end when Tyrion escapes custody with Jaimie’s help and finds Shae, his lover in his father’s bed and strangles her. Then comes the final blow when he fired a bolt into Tywin while he is on the toilet! And then he escapes with the help of Varys. We also see Brienne and The Hound fighting over the Stark girls which she wins and The Hound is left for the dead.

4. The Door – Season 6, Episode 5

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Again, another surprisingly fantastic episode, for very heartbreaking reasons. The final sequence that sees Hodor holding the door to save Bran and Meera, and Bran time travelling to be the one to make Hodor, hold the doooor was something that no one had ever seen before. That entire sequence remains burned in our brains and etched in our hearts to this day. There are other things such as Theon’s great speech supporting his Sister’s claim for the Salt Throne. But it is the Hodor moment that actually puts this episode on this list. 

5. Winds of Winter – Season 6, Episode 10

In our personal opinion, this has got to be the best episode of GoT by far because this is the one episode where you side with the villain. Without question, our favourite part in the show’s history is the string of events where Cersei’s plan to blow up the sept unfurls scrupulously as it slowly hits the Tyrells and Sparrow that they’ve lost. This is not even the most epic part in this episode. Thepart whereArya assassinates Walder Frey to avenge the Red Wedding at last and making an endless amount of assassin training worth it made us want to get out of our seats and cheer and hoot! Plus, we also learn that Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen are actually Jon’s parents, thus ending the series’ longest-running mystery if that other stuff wasn’t enough.

6. Rains of Castamere – Season 3, Episode 9

This list could not have been complete without this episode! You know it! The Frey, Bolton and Lannister betrayal of the Starks was a whole new level of horror, as we lost both Robb and Catelyn all at once. A total bloodbath, this was one of the most terrifying and sickening sequences of the series. This one was a truly heartbreaking episode, the events of which we have not been able to get over still. 

7. Hardhome – Season 5, Episode 8

Another major battle episode that pitted Wildlings and The Night’s Watch against the Night Knight and his army of the dead. Jon along with the wildlings, and some of the Night’s Watch brothers sail north to convince some of the other wildlings to join forces with them. Unfortunately, they are attacked by the wights and White Walkers upon their arrival. It’s an all-out massacre, a total slaughter, but we did figure out that Jon’s Valyrian steel sword can kill White Walkers. The entire sequence was jaw-dropping!

8. Battle of the Bastards – Season 6, Episode 9

Nothing compares to a big battle. Battle of the Bastards was one of the highest rated episodes of the series. And for all the right reasons. It seemed like all is lost as the battle opened with Rickon’s death and Jon’s army quickly collapsing to Ramsay’s forces. But in the end, Sansa and Littlefinger swooped in to save them, and Ramsay is captured and ultimately devoured by his own dogs. The battle takes up pretty much the entire episode, making it without question an absolute stunner of an episode!

9. A Knight of the 7 Kingdoms – Season 8, Episode

The night before the White Walkers arrive, basically the episode before the war. It’s not the brutal deaths or the game-changing plot twists, but the characters. Brienne finally getting the respect that she deserves is the episode’s highlight. Tormund, Daenerys, Jamie, Sansa, Lyanna Mormont, Podrick, Davos, and the Hound also have their moments. And Arya and Gendry make love scene, which isn’t completely horrific. Also, Jon tells Dany that he’s the real heir to the Iron Throne just moments before the dead attack, kind of leading The Mother of Dragons towards going mad.

We would also like to give a special mention to the episode where the actual battle takes place. While the episode, on the whole, was a little slow with some moments where the screen was too dark for us to be able to see much. The epic moment was when Arya kills the Night King. That was an epic scene and just that scene itself deserves to be mentioned in this list.

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