From The O.C. to Sex And The City, Here Are 12 Cult Classic Series we Can Watch Any Day!


There are some TV series that were so unbelievably good that they have stuck around till now, even after their last episodes aired long ago. These are the series we go back to from time to time and still can’t get enough of! There are, obviously hundreds and hundreds of such shows and everyone has their own personal favourites. However, we have rounded up a list of 12 cult classic favourites that all the cool kids were watching back in the ’80s and ’90s. Let us know if your favourites made it to the list!

1. Friends

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Okay, this had to be on the top! This has to be one show that almost everyone in the world has watched (if you haven’t, we are seriously judging you). It’s not often you see a TV series running for 10 seasons and when that happens the show must have something in it. So, with Chandler’s jokes and sarcasm, Ross’s mastery in the art of marriage and divorce, Monica’s control freak behaviour, Rachel’s first world problems, Joey trying to make it big on the silver screen and Phoebe’s carefree attitude and of course that coffee house and Gunther, we can never get enough Friends! What about you?

2. Gilmore Girls

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Gilmore Girls is easily the best comfort TV to watch. You know, like comfort food? Based on a mother-daughter relationship, this show reminds you of the simple joys in life! In Stars Hollow, life is as simple as it can get and we love that, which is why we keep going back and watching this show over and over again! Eight glorious seasons of wit, wisdom and women talking a mile-a-minute, there is really nothing more we need in life. Except for another year in the life of the Gilmore Girls!

3. Full House

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Say yay if you think Full House is hands down the best show ever created! This show introduced us to the Tanner family and over the years this family became such an important part of our lives. Almost feels like we grew up with them, as we saw them change schools, change jobs, date new people, get their hearts broken etc. While we are not sure the reboot has lived up to the original, but the original show is definitely something that has resonated with viewers of all ages and generations and still continues to do so through reruns.

4. The O.C.

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The O.C. is a show that defined most of our teenage years and 12 years on since the last episode aired and we still can’t say we’ve had enough. This show handled some pretty heavy topics like addiction, broken family, mental health, poverty and abuse and managed to show us a different side of the world than what we would’ve seen at that age. Feels like we matured a lot with this show, doesn’t it? And of course, the sweet sweet sarcasm, Seth and Ryan’s bromance and all the couple goals. And now we have to say it – Welcome to the O.C b*tch!

5. Baywatch

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The Baywatch gave us the iconic tight red swimsuits and the glorious slow-mo run down the white sand beach. Also, it gave us the legends – David Hasselhoff, whose name is still inevitably linked to nostalgia for the show and Pamela Anderson who became the object of many viewers’ affection! It also gave birth to Jason Momao’s acting career. He appeared on the show for the final two seasons as Jason Ioane and the rest as we know is history. Now we know him as the intimidating Khal Drogo on GoT and also the Superhero Aquaman!

6. One Tree Hill

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One Tree Hill was probably one of the best TV series that we instantly got hooked to and have since watched it a couple of times over. And to be honest, we sometimes still long for another season of this iconic show. It not only introduced us to some gorgeous men, great friendships and Booke
Davis but also gave us some major couple goals. Admit it, we all longed for a relationship like Naley’s (Nathan & Haley) or to get back the one that got away like in the case of Lucas and Peyton. We have all longed for a Julian to remind us that romance is not dead. And of course, this show gave us basketballs and the love for sportsmanship!

7. That 70’s Show

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Just like Friends, this is one of those shows that we can never get bored of.
That 70’s Show will forever be remembered as one of the strangest but funniest shows of the last few decades, we fall short of words to describe how much we loved this show. Donna and Eric’s adorable relationship, Kitty’s relationship with alcohol and Steven Hyde, legit the best character on TV. And how can you not love Michael Kelso? Fun fact: Mila Kunis’ first kiss was Ashton Kutcher and now they are married and have kids together. Isn’t that aww-dorable?

8. ER

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Even before Grey’s Anatomy happened, there was another medical drama – ER. This show went on for 15 colossal seasons and there’s no denying that ER was one of the best shows of the ’90s! Of all the other shows in the ’90s, ER was one of the most compulsive to watch because it delivered something rare and specific every episode. This show made you laugh, cry feel the love and the emergency of the situation, all in one episode. No wonder it’s still a favourite among fans!

9. Charmed

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Charmed was a show about sisters who were witches. So, of course, there was magic. Tonnes of it! From spells to potions to the Book of Shadows to Magic School (which wasn’t quite Hogwarts but was still pretty cool). On top of all that, there were also magical and mythical creatures around every turn and none of this was as common back then, making this show pretty epic! From sister love to girl power with a hint of romance, man candy and great fashion, this show had it all. No wonder it was such a hit back then and still continues to get people hooked even now.

10. Sex and the City

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Sex and the City debuted a whopping 21 years ago but it still makes for good TV even now, despite being off the air for more than a decade! SATC is a fierce champion of female friendship and unapologetic in its depiction of female sexual desire. It showed audiences four deeply flawed and relatable women trying to have it all! Pursuing both professional and romantic fulfillment in a big city, these ladies were unstoppable and till date continue to inspire many young women! So much so that they came out with 2 feature films to keep the sage going!

11. Everybody Loves Raymond

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Everybody Loves Raymond, the classic family sitcom gave us everything from well-drawn characters to their well-drawn relationships. Over the years, as we’ve grown older we’ve come to realise that family is not just about the fun and frolic and good times. It’s about the bad, the sad, the gossip and the arguments. But you can’t say much when there’s something you don’t like because no one wants to get in a fight. But that’s the beauty of Everybody Loves Raymond. They say what you want to say, and they’re not afraid to fight about it. Fortunately, their fights are much funnier than real ones!

12. Xena

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If you remember Xena: Warrior Princess, you probably remember it for a few things. That circular spinny thing Xena threw at people (it’s called a chakram). Xena’s fabulous ululating war cry and the bizarre history the show threw together. But what made this show iconic is its portrayals of race, gender and sexuality. It may seem fairly normal or even disappointing now but was highly progressive at the time. They also made efforts to create more diversity in terms of colour and sexuality, making this show iconic. And even to date, it doesn’t fail to impress its viewers!

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