Did You Know There’s a Strawberry Village in Delhi Just 35 km Away From Connaught Place?


Honestly, Delhi never ceases to surprise! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, it throws a new surprise your way. And we recently discovered something of this sort. Well, did you know there’s a strawberry village in Delhi which makes different products from the fruit? Yup. It’s called Beniwal strawberry village and is just 35 km away from Connaught Place.

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What is it all about?

Established in 2001, about 35 km from the centre of the city Connaught Place, farmer Arvind Beniwal grows organic strawberries with the Yamuna waters. The sale of strawberries is highest in the months of February and March and people’s love from them is absolutely never-ending. They supply high-quality Strawberry Plants, Strawberry Fruits, Frozen Strawberry, Strawberry Pulp and Strawberry Fruit Pulp. Isn’t that amazing!

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What is so Special?

Not just one or two kinds, the strawberry village, which is a 20-acre farm, has five different kinds of strawberries grown- Winter Down, Sweet Session, Winter Star, San Adrian, and Sweet Charlie. We know, be it jams, cakes, ice cream, shakes or even cheesecakes, strawberry in a dish won’t ever disappoint us.

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You can stroll through the strawberry laden area or can visit the factories where these frozen strawberries are kept. Sounds like a fun thing?

What All You Can Witness?

(Image Source: Hindustan Times)

And now the best thing, confused about what all products you can witness at Beniwal Strawberry Village? They have strawberries and strawberries plants, which means you can take home fresh strawberries to munch on. They have an amazing strawberry collection like Indian Strawberry (known for freshness)

  • Big Red Strawberry (known for natural red color)
  • Fresh Strawberry (known for unique aroma)
  • Strawberry Pulp (known for longer shelf life)
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  • Freeze Dried Strawberries (are juicy)
  • Protein Packed Strawberry (easy to carry)

All About Arvind Beniwal

(Image Source: Hindustan Times)

Arvind is A-list of strawberry farmers in India today. Surprising thing is that
Beniwal was studying politics and military science when he decided to take up something different. And that’s how his strawberry village came to life.

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You can pick up strawberries directly from the farm or can even buy some of them in bulk to make jams, jellies, and squashes. So, what are you waiting for, head there RN!

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Registered Office: C2/902 Kingswari Apartment TDI City, Kundli, Sonipat, Haryana

Timings: 7 AM To 8 AM

Contact This No Before Heading:093131 65390

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