7 Indian Instagram Poets That You Must Follow For Heart-Touching Beautiful Poetry


Poetry earlier was all about long rhyming verses. However, the new age poets have bid adieu to the traditional form of poetry, but the art of poetry is still very much alive. Using old school typography, the new age poets are addressing important issues through their words. So if you are looking for some food for your soul, you must check out these 7 Instagram poets who are creating magic through their words.

1. Pratishtha Khattar (@_paradoxandmetaphors_)

Hopes for the future and lessons from the past, this is what you’ll find on Pratishtha’s Instagram page. Her poetry is about revelling in the little joys of life and always accepting the sadder truths with grace. Prathishtha’s poetry will make you realise the power of words!

You can view her profile here.

2. Medha Sharma (@aperpetualparadox)

Medha Sharma portrays her ideas about love, emotions, pain and most importantly self-love, through her words on the gram. Mansi, through her words, touches upon things most of us have experienced in life such as heartbreak. Her work is inspirational and reminds you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Arunoday Singh (@sufisoul)

Yes, this certified hottie is not only an actor but he is also a modern-day Rumi! Unlike most other poets, Arunoday calligraphic writings of his poetry. His poetry is usually inspired by music, success and healing. At the end of a thorough scroll of his Instagram account, you will find yourself feeling somewhat enlightened and enlightened as well and a hundred times better.

Check out his Instagram handle to read his beautiful poetry.

4. Vinati Bhola (@writingsofvinati)

Vinati Bhola is a lawyer by profession and a poet by passion. She is n internationally published poet. Every poem that she writes is based more on empathy than experience. Through her poems, Vinati talks a lot about feelings and issues that are prevalent in society. This is what makes her work so relatable.

Read her work here.

5. Yahya Bootawala (@yahyabootawala)

If Hindi poetry and Shayari is your thing then Yahya is the guy for you. He pens down beautiful Hindi verses about heartbreak and unrequited love. Reading his poems will remind you of the one that got away. Yahya also holds live shows where he reads out his poetry. Click here to see if you can catch one of his live shows in your city.

Find him on Instagram.

6. Harnidh Kaur (@harnidhk)

You know how people find different outlets to vent their feeling. Well, poetry us exactly that for Harnidh Kaur. Through her poetry on Instagram, she talks about everything that’s on her mind. Whether it is an angry rant or just a lesson on feminism, or words of women empowerment, Harnidh knows the power of words and expresses herself through her poetry.

Follow her on Instagram.

7. Mansi Jikadara B (@thetypewriterdaily)

Mansi is not just a talented poet but also a talented artist. Her profile is both food for thought as well as pleasing to the eyes. She writes about love, loss and heartbreak and basically every feeling or emotion we all must have felt at some point in our lives. But what’s unique about her poetry is that she showcases it through her artistic journals.

Check out her Instagram to know what we are talking about.

Featured Image Source: instagram/paradoxandmetaphors


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