Arya & Jon snow’s Reunion + 9 Intense GoT Moments we Can Never Forget!


Winter is (finally) here. After a long wait of a year and a half, the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones is finally out and it really gave us the feels. The first episode of the eighth season picked up essentially where the last season left us. In Winterfell. No flashback or flash forwards. But of course, there were some major and intense moments. So here’s a recap of all the majorly intense GOT moments from all the seasons.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!

1. Jon Snow and Arya Stark Reunite

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If you are still reading this then its probably because you have already watched the episode. So Sansa and Daenerys throwing shade at one another was definitely something we enjoyed watching. But the moment that we absolutely adored was Arya and Jon’s much-awaited reunion. It was both beautiful and even made us want to shed a tear or two. Another intense moment was Sam spilling the beans about Jon’s parentage. Let’s see how he takes the news of sleeping with his err…aunt!

2. The Night King Brings Viserion Back To Life

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The Night King tosses a spear which kills one of Dany’s dragons. (*quietly sobs in a corner*) As sad as that made us, what truly gave us the chills was when the undead army pulled Viserion out of the ice lake so the night king could reanimate him turning his iris blue. Which obviously means Viserion is now a part of the undead army. Heart = broken!

3. Cersei Takes Revenge

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After her walk of shame we obviously expected Cersei to come back with a bang and man did she do just that! Cersei took revenge in by setting the Great Sept of Baelor ablaze and literally blowing the brains off of everyone! Killing Margery and The High Sparrow, among others. We kind of expected Cersei to do something so vicious but the way it was all shown and with the background music (yeah, remember that?), this scene definitely tops our list of the most intense moments in GoT. In fact, we kind of rooted for Cersei during this scene. Didn’t you?

4. Olenna Tyrell Gets the Last Word

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After taking over her ancestral home, High Garden, Jaimie grants Olenna a peaceful death by handing her a glass of poison. Chugging on her drink Olenna reveals to him that she was the one who killed his oldest son Jofferyand says ‘Tell Cersei I wanted her to know it was me‘. That, in our opinion, makes Olenna Tyrell a total badass!

5. Arya goes full on ‘Lady Stoneheart’

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Arya avenged the death of her mother and brother (Remember the red wedding?) by killing the Freys – Lother and Black Walder. Then she carved them into pieces and baked them in a pie, serving the pie to their father Walder Frey. She then revealed herself as a Stark and slit his throat. A classic example of #RevengeIsServed, isn’t it?

6. Sansa Feeds Ramsay to his Hounds

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Your house will disappear, your name will disappear, all memory of you will disappear

Those were Sansa’s last words to the Ramsay Bolton before she reminded him that he hadn’t fed his ‘loyal’ hounds in 7 days. In one hashtag this scene was the perfect example of #JusticeServed. Sansa’s delightful smirk before the credits rolled made us, and we are sure every GOT fan cheer and applaud. Sansa deserved every bit of revenge that she got and her final speach to Ramsay was the best way to silence her abuser. #GoTeamSansa!

7. Jon Snow Comes Back to Life

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While we are used to losing our much-loved characters because that’s what GoT is all about. (RIP Ned Stark and Khal Drogo and many, many more) However, no one was ready to say goodbye to Jon Snow just yet. Season 5 left us on the biggest cliff hanger when the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch is stabbed to death after being labelled a traitor. But Season 6, episode 2 made us breathe a sigh of relief when Melissandre performed some magic trick and brought him back to life. Close shave, huh?

8. Tyrion Kills his Father

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Tywin Lannister was definitely not the ‘Dad of The Year’, in fact he was anything but that. So it was a great joy to watch the son he treated so badly, kill him on the toilet with Joffery’s crossbow. Definitely an artful way to execute that, no? In all honesty, Tywin kind of had that coming. He was a ruthless and conniving man who tortured his son all his life and of course, ‘A Lannister always pays his debts’.

9. The Red Wedding

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As soon as the wedding band started playing the Lannister Anthem ‘The Rains of Castermere’ we knew something major was about to go down. And so did Catylen Stark. Walder Frey, along with his partner in crime (literally) Roose Bolten ruthlessly slaughtered the Starks. Oh, what a sad moment it was! This was one of those moments that made us want to cry in disbelief!

10. Ned Stark’s Death

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Now this, we did not see coming! Actually, we kind of did and so did Sansa, but we were hoping for a plot twist. Losing the beloved Ned Stark in the first season itself was definitely a major shock to us and we believe to all you GoT fans as well. This was also when our hatred for King Joffery got real.

So, people, tell us that one moment in GoT which you feel you’ll never be able to forget in the comments below.

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