Beauty Blogger Himanshi Goel Reveals Amazing Skincare Essentials For Scorching Summers!


The hot and humid months are here again and we can’t help but play hide and seek with the blazing sunlight! While we all know how sunscreen is a must in summers, how many of us know anything useful about skincare beyond that? Not much, right? Don’t worry, people! We got in touch with beauty blogger Himanshi Goel, who revealed some amazing skincare essentials for the summers. Take notes RN!

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What are the basic, simple steps which go a long way in taking care of our skin during summers?

Drink enough water and know what you eat as it will show on your face. Then you should NEVER EVER skip sunscreen even if you’re staying indoors. And lastly, follow a basic CTM (Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing) morning and evening.

Do we really need to wear sunscreen every day? Even if we are not out in the sun?

Yes, you should use sunscreen daily as it protects your skin from getting damaged because of sun’s harmful radiations. Even if you are not stepping out then also you should apply basic sunscreen after washing your face with just water.

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What are the products we should carry in our bag during summers?

Sunscreen, lip balm, water bottle and a face mist to keep your skin hydrated is a must to carry in your day to day bag. These products will help you to avoid the humid, hot weather.

Which is the best product for oily and dry skin in summers?

I would suggest that for oily skin you should use products which are gel-based moisturizers and cream based for dry skin. The products are easily available but you have to do is be conscious which product is good for your skin.

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What can we do to fix the dark circles under eyes?

Get enough sleep and put an undereye cream as they help in reducing the dark circles. Undereye cream should be applied for going to sleep and avoid using phones after that.

Pimples are an all season problem, but the summer sweat worsens it. So, what can be done to prevent pimples during summers?

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Do cleansing, toning, moisturizing, twice a day to prevent sweat from clogging of pores. This basic routine will help you and protect your skin from the harsh summers.

And what about acne scars?

Coconut oil is the best solution to remove your acne scars. The scars easily reduce and the oil is good for any type of skin.

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Besides drinking more water, what are the best tactics to keep our skin ultra hydrated in the hot months?

Wash your face a minimum two times and use a face mist. Also, moisturize with the skincare product which suits you well and is according to your skin.

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Sweating is a major problem during summers. How can ladies keep their makeup intact?

Powder it well and use a fixing spray before and after your makeup. You can touch up with powder and dap with tissues whenever required. Fixing spary is a must if your stepping during day time. 

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What all foods should we avoid in summer for better and healthy skin?

Generally, avoid oily and spicy and deep fried food. Also, consume less of artificial sugar, substitute with natural forms of sugar, like fruits.

Tell us about your skincare regime?

Right now I am using the CTM (Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing) of Faceshop, Dr. Belmaur range twice a day and I religiously use a sunscreen. For mist, I use Avene spring water, it’s the best. 

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Which are some of your favourite brands keeping in mind the hot summer weather?

Avene, Faceshop, Innisfree are my favorite brands and I would suggest you guys use them in this hot humid weather. 

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What night-skin care routine would you suggest in summers?

I have very dry skin so I moisturize well before sleeping. After my cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, I use lip balm & under eye cream by Benefit.

We hope you all took notes and are ready to flaunt that flawless skin this summer! Let us know in the comments which tips worked best for you.

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