Dwarka Peeps, Are You Participating in The 5th Hindustan Marathon This Sunday?


Okay, guys & gals, summers are here in full swing, but still, there’s a tinge of chill in the air. And this has got to be the best weather to be outdoors and indulge in some cool sports. Also, if you are into running or just want to try it out, you should totally check out the 5th Hindustan Marathon taking place this Sunday.

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What is it all about?

Started in 2015, ‘The Hindustan Marathon’ is a sporting event organisation, full of enthusiastic individuals who really want to provide quality running experience to the public out there. We dug up some more on them and found out that the organisation really wants to go beyond the trend and bring in a revolution. They aim of instilling the spirit of fitness in every home and make people aware of how they can make their life healthier by taking up running. Sweet, right?

Image Source: facebook/hindustanmarathon

Deets of the marathon:

It’s happening this Sunday- 31st March, from 4:30 AM – 11:30 AM. See, even those of you who wake late can be a part of this! And you will have to land yourself at sector 24, Dwarka to get this kickstarted. The prices are also pretty decent- Rs. 1,074 for 5km run and so forth (full details at the end). You can register here. Also, if you are a total enthu cutlet and super competitive, there’s winning award & certificates for top three male and female runners.

Image Source: facebook/hindustanmarathon

Trust us, it’ll be a lotta fun!

Might we add that running is super good, especially for all you lazy bums out there! Come on guys, anyways in a few weeks, Delhi is going to be scorching hot. So why not make the best of current weather and enjoy the outdoors while we can, right? In fact, all you urban parents, this is a perfect opportunity to bond and spend some quality time with your kids. Also, it’s a super cool way to make your young ones leave their mobile phones at home and introduce them to the world of fitness and show them how outdoor activities can be super fun!

When: 31 March
Where: Sector 24, Dwarka
Cost: 5 km run @ Rs. 1,074

Click here to know all the deets of the marathon and to register.

Featured Image Source: Facebook/hindustanmarathon


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