Bid Adieu to Board Exam Stress With These Kickass Tips From Life Coach- Dr. Saloni Singh


We know how immensely stressful it gets for all the students giving board exams. In fact, it is indeed one of the major life-altering events in any student’s life. So, we get it- tensions tend to flare up, blood pressures tend to get low and the overall stress in the entire environment is super high. But you know what, this is exactly the time when you need to push yourself to be cool and calm and work with a stress-free mind. Which is why we got in touch with the renowned life coach, Dr. Saloni Singh to give all you students out there some amazing tips this exam season. Read on!

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How should board exam students keep themselves focused?

Set some realistic goals for yourself. Then create an inspiring time table and stick it somewhere you can see it every day. Keep your gadgets away from you, preferably in a different room. And if you feel tempted to use them, take help of your parent or sibling. Also, reward yourself with little treats and self-acknowledgement when you finish a task.

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How many hours of study each day is enough?

Every student’s capacity for studying varies. Some students can focus on a block of 30-40 minutes and need frequent breaks. Whereas, some can study for long hours. It all depends on your style and your strength. I’ll just say that you should take small breaks rather than studying for long hours, to maintain concentration and for better memory.

What kind of support system should be provided by the parents?

  • The foremost thing that every parent should be doing is to provide their children with psychological and moral support.
  • Also, be supportive and stay present every time they need you. Don’t keep asking them about how they’re doing or how much syllabus is left as it might pressurise them and further add stress.
  • Just trust your child that they want to do good and trying their best. Just stay cool, calm and encourage their efforts.
  • And of course, provide nourishing food of their choice during the exams, as it will make them happy.

How can peers help each other in such tensed situation?

Peers can be supportive in a stressful time. All you have to do is talk to your good friends and motivate and encourage each other. Isolating yourself will not help at all, so try to meet each other once in a while. If you like, you can study together with a friend, but sometimes as staying in touch is important for the student’s mental health.

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What’s the role of following a hobby in these times? What else can students do to not to succumb to the pressure?

Spending a few minutes in a hobby can be a great stressbuster during your board exams. Playing an instrument, singing or listening to music, sports, dance or cycling – all are wonderful activities to rejuvenate and recharge the tired minds. Even going for a walk or jogging in the fresh air, deep breathing, yoga and meditation can help a lot in relaxing and focussing your mind.

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Is there any dietary precautions kids should take during exam time?

During this stressful period, students must indulge in nourishing food that gets digested easily and should stay hydrated. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a must. And at regular intervals, consume light food of your choice to stay energetic.

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If a kid particularly has anxiety issues, what can he/she do to calm themselves?

  • Deep breathing and guided meditation can help with anxiety issues.
  • Either take someone’ help or watch YouTube videos.
  • And keep affirming, “I am ok. All is well. I will do good.”
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Lastly, if an exam didn’t go well, how should the students keep calm and not get depressed? How can peers and parents help here?

You just have to relax, rest and calm yourself for some time. And tell yourself, I did my best, that’s all I could do and this is not the end of the world. Let me focus on the next exam, rather than lingering on what happened. Peers and parents can help the children by telling them to stay calm and accept whatever just happened. Do not tell them what they did was wrong, or how could they have done better. All you have to say is that you have done your best, that’s all you could do at this moment and it’s not the end of the world.

So true! So all you young kids out there, remember, it’s NOT the end of the world. You have an entire, beautiful life ahead of you, irrespective of how you did in your board exams.

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