Delhi, Meet Samar Khan, Who Doodles on Metro Pics & The Results Are Beyond Amazing!


Our team is always super enthusiastic about hunting down talented peeps in the city who have amazing, creative insights to share. Entrepreneurs, experts in various fields, or simply creative geniuses, we welcome anybody who has something beautiful to share with you all. And it’s time to meet one such guy, from the crowds of Delhi- Samar Khan.

He’s a very simple, regular Delhi lad, who has a day job. He’s a software developer in Noida. Pretty usual, right? Then how come he found his way here? Well, what sets Samar apart is probably his creative vision, design sensibilities and doodling talent. Yes!

Samar runs a social media handle which goes by the name of Metro Doodle and it’s a full-fledged exhibition of his immense talent. It has garnered a huge number of spectators in a short span of time– he started out in 2016. He sketches and doodles on pictures taken at Delhi metro and the results are definitely something we’ve never seen before.

His doodles are peculiar, mostly about alien-like creatures, and super fun! Nowadays he’s also busy juggling taking creative workshops at corporates and colleges along with his day job.
So, we caught up with him to find out about his creative thought process and what drives him.

Firstly, we’ve got to ask you this- why these creepy, alien-like creatures? Why do you have them in most of your doodles?

Yes, my work is all around these extra-terrestrial creatures and monsters. The reason for that is that I have grown watching and reading such stuff- comics and all which really interests me. Also, when I draw these monsters it gives me a lot more creative freedom when it comes to creating stories around the pictures.

That’s interesting. So, can you give us an insight into how your ideation process works?

There is no particular way to go about my doodles. Sometimes I have an idea which I want to draw. So, I am on a lookout for capturing the suitable picture or scenario to happen. Other times, it’s vice versa- the photographs inspire an idea. But one thing which is common is that I try to draw things which my audience might enjoy. Drawing for my handle has definitely helped me improve over my skill too, eventually. And that’s why you find my creatures so life-like now!

True that! So another thing- why only Delhi Metro? We’d like to know about your love for the city!

Most of these artworks are created while I am commuting in the metro, hence, most of my doodles are based around that. I also thought it to be a good way to connect with people since a large chunk of our city commutes via the metro. I just wanted to make people see the regular, day-to-day scenarios with a new perspective! However, now I want to travel and take these doodles beyond metro.

Wow, sounds interesting. So, we know it’s tough to point out, but any single doodle which has been extremely memorable for you?

That’s really the toughest question always. I like the one where a pink monster gives a hug to a man standing in the metro a lot.

Any tips or tricks for naive instagrammers out there, who are also trying to share their art with the world?

Firstly, no matter what type of content you make, you have got to find a way to make your post look original, interesting and presentable. Try doing things creatively and differently from other fellow content creators. It’ll give you an identity. Secondly, just keep creating and be consistent. Patience is the key. Growth on social media takes time. But if your content is good, your time will come. Sooner or later!

Well, those were some really beautiful words right there. We hope all you art lovers and enthusiasts had a lot to take away from this lovely conversation!


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