5 Tips You’ll Need to Recover From the Dreaded Hangover After all the NYE Partying!


Yes, thank us later!
Now that the party season is in full swing, alcohol is a quintessential need and an evening ritual whether we are catching up with friends or just hanging out with our family. With all the excessive amount of alcohol consumption, a hangover is a given! And doesn’t it absolutely suck to wake up with a throbbing migraine and a deadbeat body? Don’t worry! This party season we have you covered. With our list of hangover remedies, we will make sure that you’re always ready for a raging night!

  1. Detox juices

There are many companies like Morning Fresh and Dot Shot that make special hangover detox juices which have a mixture of several ingredients that can cure a migraine and ease up nausea, making you feel better. The juices also flush the toxins out of your body, protecting your liver. Grab a pack of these the next time you are going clubbing with your friends and have it the next day to cure that nasty hangover.

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  1. Cold Shower

There is nothing that a cold shower cannot fix! If you have had a wild night out and wake up feeling dehydrated, get into the shower and run it cold. It will not only cure your hangover like magic but also make your body feel extremely relaxed.

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  1. Greasy food

Yep! You heard that right! Contrary to popular belief, greasy food actually helps cure a bad hangover. The fat found in greasy food digests the alcohol inside the body, thereby reducing your hangover as well. So next time you are hungover, binge on all the fast food that you can think of. This cannot get any better, right?

Image source: Handle The Heat

  1. Working out

I know that sounds like the worst idea ever, but trust us, sweating it out helps cure a hangover almost instantly. Exercise increases your metabolism thereby helping your body get rid of toxins. In case your hangover is way too bad, just step outside for a bit and take a short walk. It will feel restorative after a long party night.

Image source: Anytime Fitness Blog

  1. Alcohol

Shocked? This is also popularly called the “Hair of the Dog” technique to get rid of a hangover. To kill the toxins of alcohol, have a mild drink like a beer or a sangria the next day and it will make you feel much better. Although not the ideal suggestion, ‘tis the need of the season!

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