Our top 6 Picks for Smart Home Devices Available in India for all the Tech Geeks!


When it comes to technology, our generation is undoubtedly the luckiest one, right? Don’t even get us started on all the unimaginable technology which we are getting to see in our lifetime. Which brings us to the main point- smart homes. Yes! That’s the latest tech innovation which has swept us all off of our feet and we all want in. And why not? Be it smart home assistants or smart lighting or air purifier devices, all of them collectively have made life much easier for us.

That’s why we have handpicked these 6 best smart home devices for all the lazy bums and tech geeks out there. Read on!

1. Google Home

Image source: lifewire

This is the latest addition to smart home assistants which have flooded the market these days. Be it ringing your phone even if it’s on silent, managing your home lights, playing your music or even news, or recongnising the other family member’s voice, Google Home is one of the handiest smart home assistants out there.

2. Amazon Echo

Image source: cnet

The best part about Echo is that it’s highly customised according to Indian people’s daily needs. For instance, you can link it to your apps like Uber, Ola, Zomato etc. to book your rides or order your food. Cool, right? And we all know about its famous voice assistant Alexa. Ask her what you need, and she’ll bring it to you-be it playing your favourite songs, news, (even) jokes, call a friend’s other Alexa device and what not!

3. Oakter Smart Home Kit

Image source: amazon.in

Well, if you are thinking of installing smart home assistant for your dream house, then you’d also need compatible products, like lights, to along with it. Which is when Oakter’s smart home kit come in really handy. Its basic kit consists of smart plugs, which also includes a high power plug for heavier devices like an AC or a water motor. Just set on&off time for your smart plug and you won’t have to lift even a finger to switch on or off for AC!

4. Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

Image source: youtube

If you’re one of those with slight OCD or are always too careful of your belongings in the house, then this is the right product for you. This multipurpose sensor takes note of vibrations, tilts, even temperatures of nook and corners of your house. For instance, you can get to know if a window, drawer or door has been opened without your knowledge.

5. Smarteefi 3 in 1 Smart Plug

Image source: snapdeal

Remember the good, old extension cord? Now imagine controlling all the individual switches on it with the click of your phone. Sounds amazing, right? This is exactly what this smart plug is all about. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control each power socket with a phone app.

6. Philips Hue

Image source: makeuseof.com
No smart home can be complete without a proper lighting management system. Which is when Philips Hue comes to your rescue. These are easy to install and easy to control smart lights which can be customised according to your mood or occasion. Want to throw a party or enjoy a cosy dinner with your SO, control your home light with just a tap!

Featured Image Source: wirecutter


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