Move Over Ladies, Here are our top 6 Picks for Boys’ Night Out in Town!


We’ve often heard guys complain about how unfair it is that ladies get to drink free alcohol throughout the week while they have to pay for theirs! Well, don’t worry boys! We at Delhi Planet are here to make sure that you get your due. Make sure to check out this list of bars which hosts Gentlemen’s night, ‘cuz “Why Should Girls Have All The Fun?”

  1. Moonshine Café

One of the most popular bars that host Boys’ Nights is Moonshine Café in Hauz Khas Village on Tuesdays. They have a strict policy that men can get free drinks only if accompanied by a woman and they have a limit of 3 drinks each. So to all the men out there, get jazzy and groovy and head to Moonshine Café every Tuesday!

Image source: Justdial

Location: Hauz Khas Village

Visit to keep yourself updated on all their latest events!

  1. Warehouse Café

Although Warehouse Café does not offer free drinks, they do have extended happy hours for all the men in the house on Tuesdays. They have a selection of premium and IMFL liquor that you can choose from. Apart from that, they also play great music for you to show your moves to.

Image source: Trip Advisor

Location: Connaught Place

You can get all the necessary information at

  1. Raasta

Following the #TuesdayTrend, Raasta at Green Park has a 1+1 offer on all for the boys! They have a wide selection of alcohol and delicious food to accompany your drinks! So, start planning your Tuesdays NOW!

Image source: Zomato

Location: Green Park

Want to contact them? Visit

  1. Roost Bistro

On Mondays, we drink Cocktails! Roost Bistro in Hauz Khas offers exclusive and amazing deals on cocktails for boys every Monday. Head over there and beat those #MondayBlues with delish drinks!

Image source: Justdial

Location: Hauz Khas Village

Visit to know more!

  1. The Townhouse Cafe

The Townhouse Café is an extremely popular spot in Connaught Place and is swarmed by men on Tuesdays! “Why?” Well, obviously because of their impressive selection of alcohol and extended Happy Hours for boys on Tuesdays!

Image source: Justdial

Location: Connaught Place

For more information on events happening there, visit

  1. Chapter 25

If you are looking for a spot close to Saket that has exclusive offers for men, then Chapter 25 is your match! They have unlimited deals on alcohol every Monday. Literally, every man’s dream come true! Right, boys?

Image source: Justdial

Location: Saket

Here is where you can find them


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