Who’s The Fairest Of Them All? Exploring The Beauty Culture In Countries With The Most Beautiful Women


South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil Are Countries Which Are Obsessed With Beauty And Are Known To Have Beautiful Women

Which object gives us the perfect truth about our appearance? A normal mirror, a picture taken by a high-resolution camera or the eyes of another human being. Contrary to what you might think the correct answer is that the none of these give you a completely true picture about yourself. Let’s see how while also finding out which countries have the most beautiful women and which are the most beauty-obsessed:

When standing in front of a mirror the form that one sees is known as a ‘mirror image‘; a reflected duplication of an object that appears identical but reversed. To rephrase it in simple words, a mirror only throws back an image that was projected to it. Which means that the various subtle elements affecting you at the moment you see yourself in the mirror will be reflected back by the object. You might have observed that your appearance in the mirror changes every day by small amounts since every time you look at the mirror you have a different state of mind. An expert photographer will tell you that almost no human being has a perfectly symmetrical face. Since a mirror shows a reverse image, your reflection can at times be very different from what you may appear in a photograph or to the eyes of another person.

Professional models and people who get snapped a lot have stated that the secret to looking good in a picture is to know which side of the face is the better looking one. Even the most beautiful women in the world can be captured at moments where they might look unattractive. Moreover, a picture is simply a two-dimensional replication of your appearance, it lacks depth. Which is why it is a good practice to reserve your judgment on the appearance of a person till you have seen them in reality.

Dove once created a short film as part of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Titled Real Beauty Sketches it was inspired by market research that suggested only 4% of women describe themselves as beautiful. The purpose of the campaign was to show that women are their own worst beauty critics and in reality, all women are beautiful since the mirror and your pictures are never telling the complete truth.

Our appearance as viewed by another person is what really stirs our emotions. A compliment makes us feel happy while a criticism makes us feel dejected. It’s interesting to note here that the physical beauty of the same person can be viewed in contrasting fashion by different people. What we see is never interpreted without biases. There are innumerable incidents in our history where wars, conflicts, and discrimination occurred because beauty was understood differently. Even so, despite the wisdom of seeking beauty internally, looks play an important part in our society. Globally, men are known to spend an average of 35 minutes per day on their appearance while women spend 10 minutes more. The personal care products industry is worth more than $250 billion globally, increasing to $400 billion if grooming services are also included. Every year hundreds of competitions are held to find beautiful women and there is increasing pressure on all genders to look attractive if they are to become successful.

While people in some countries are blessed with great genes that naturally make them attractive, others tend to bridge the deficiencies by consuming unhealthy amounts of cosmetics. When all else fails, many people resort to plastic surgeries to achieve that perfect look. In fact it’s even possible to classify entire countries in this manner;

South Korea – The Most Beauty Obsessed

South Korea Has Beautiful Women But It Is Also The Most Beauty Obsessed Country In The World

In South Korea, a nation with a population of 50 million people, one can actually feel too ugly to live in the country. Here, looking very attractive, staying slim and dressing immaculately is not optional but a way of life. The region has the world’s highest rate of plastic surgery per capita worldwide and is among the largest consumers of cosmetics globally. Its perhaps among the few places in the world where one can actually see the answer to the question “What would the world be like if everyone was slim, attractive and well-dressed?“, Answer – The Miss Korea Beauty Pageant.

Looking attractive by South Korean standards implies having a small head size, oval face, big eyes, strong eyelashes and fair skin that is pinkish in color. The problem though is that most South Koreans by birth are born with large head sizes, round faces, small eyes, not so prominent eyelashes and yellowish skin. The pressure of complying to an accepted beauty recipe has led to the explosion of plastic surgeries in the country. So much so, that is not uncommon for men and women to receive plastic surgeries as gifts, sometimes even from their parents who don’t want their child to look ugly.

Apart from induced beauty procedures, South Korean women spend a couple of hours per day on their makeup which is refreshed at least three times a day. People worry a lot about their figure leading to a fitness-obsessed culture, although the women diet a lot to maintain themselves. The beautiful women of South Korea are also able to carry off high heels very easily and are likely to win gold if the Olympics ever had an event such as the ‘100-meter Stiletto dash‘.

Source: Charanya Kannan on Quora

Venezuela – Natural Good Looks Coupled With High Cosmetic Use

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a Latin American Spanish speaking country slightly greater than twice the size of California is not known for its economic development and growth. Instead, its known as the nation which has won the maximum number of international beauty titles.

The people of Latin American are among the most ethnically mixed people in the world, as a result, they are blessed with genetics that makes them more attractive than the average global standard. When you take natural good looks and put them under an intense beauty regime comprising of cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, dieting, cat-walking, make-up and talent development you get Miss Universe and Miss World pageant winners. If you follow only a couple of the above you still get a nation with a high average beauty index. Says, Titina Penzini, Venezuelan model and fashion expert

You walk down any street of Caracas at 6am and women will be perfectly coiffured, manicured, pedicured and impeccably made up. People here, from all walks of life, will get into debt for a pair of stilettos or a boob job. Whatever it takes to look amazing.

Brazil – Great Gene Pool Blessed With Fit Bodies

The people of Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil are all blessed with genes that lead to natural beauty. The lattermost is also characterized by a passion for dance, music, fitness and dressing up often with very little clothes.

Brazil is among the few countries in the world where dark skin is considered beautiful and tanning is a popular beauty trend. The nation is also extremely active when it comes to sports such as soccer, spending time on beaches or learning various kinds of native dance forms such as Tango and Samba. The Brazilian Carnival is among the biggest celebrations of dance, music and local heritage in the world. The parade is known for the sensuous moves of the female participants where their gorgeous looks and well-honed bodies are brought to the fore.

Other non-latin countries known for their beautiful women are Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Lebanon, and Slovakia. Women in these nations are again blessed with natural good looks and features but they also don’t take their appearance lightly, although their obsession doesn’t touch the levels exhibited by South Korea and Venezuela. [RELATED POST – Five Places Where It Pays To Be A Guy]

What do you think about physical appearance and which countries do you think have the most beautiful women? Whose beauty opinion do you trust the most and do you think its fine to undergo surgery to enhance your appearance? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment