Don’t Obsess!!! Embrace The Extremes To Find Your Balance


New York based Celebrity Yoga Instructor Kristin Mcgee shares her thoughts on why women shouldn’t obsess about their bodies but rather tap their internal voice to find their balance.


Leann Rimes one of my clients from about five years ago has recently been getting a lot of press for her ultra-slim look. She does seem to be much thinner than I ever remember; and even when we worked together, she was super lean and toned and slender already. I can’t speak for LeAnn; but I do know how it can be when you get going in one direction how hard it is to slow it down. Unfortunately, we women always have something to complain about on our bodies. When we get on a health kick or roll of eating clean and exercising, it can sometimes turn in to an unhealthy extreme. Believe me, been there, done that! The opposite can happen just as easily. We eat one cookie and suddenly think we’ve messed it all up and continue to eat the rest of the box. .also been there, done that!

I personally love to exercise and I also get such a high out of eating all the superfoods and having my 6 clean meals a day all planned out. It also makes me feel in control and keeps me from encountering the dreaded what if I eat one cookie and can’t stop? I realized recently, though, that kind of tightrope eating, is not really LIVING. How can I be spontaneous and let go, when I’ve already organized my entire day around my set meals? I mean really, it takes all the fun and joy out of a sudden stop at an ice cream stand on the way home from a long day of work, or an extra glass of wine with my husband who comes home from work and needs to go unwind.

I hate that everyone gets so caught up in who is too skinny or too fat or who is losing or gaining weight. What we all could benefit from is just listening to our own bodies and truly loving ourselves without worrying about anyone else’s body. Yoga isn’t one size fits all. Bodies are not all the same. Each one of us is meant to be unique. How boring would it be if we all looked the same?

If Everyone Looked the same, good looking and skinny

It’s definitely an ongoing journey to truly tap into our internal voice. As much as yoga is about balance, I sure do know how easy it can be to go to extremes. But even the extremes aren’t so bad. I think the extremes show us how to get back to center and teach us something very valuable about our selves and why we react the way we do.

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