Is Only Yoga Enough To Loose Weight


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It is a common perception among people and especially the youth that yoga is a very slow form of exercise and not as intensive or satisfying as a gym workout. It is for this reason that not many young people take to it and even those who do treat it as something to help them do their workouts better or as an alternative to them. People who wish to lose weight feel that just doing yoga may not be enough and that results would be produced over a really long period of time. So what do the experts think about this, in today’s article, Kristin writes about her thoughts on this.

It’s funny because people often ask me if all I do is yoga to stay in shape. A new private student today asked me that very question the other night and what else can she do along with yoga to help her lose weight. Yoga is definitely a weight loss tool to some extent because it teaches us how to be mindful. As we become more aware of our bodies we can experience true hunger and feed ourselves when we’re hungry and learn to stop when we’re full. If we could all do this, we would naturally find our set point and be at a healthy weight.

But we eat for so many reasons outside of hunger. We eat to celebrate, we eat when we’re depressed, we eat because others are eating, etc. etc. So yes I do think yoga is a great way to lean out by tuning in to our body. Is it enough of a workout to blast calories and build strength? I think so, especially if you’re doing it correctly and really utilizing the breathing and working hard in the poses. But I also think it’s important to add some cardio. I do supplement my yoga with walking everywhere in Manhattan, playing tennis when I can and skiing every time I go home to Idaho. I also teach and do a lot of Pilates.

It’s important to do what you enjoy and if I could do yoga all the time I would. I absolutely love it! The main thing is to continue to listen to your body and respond truthfully to its needs. Yoga more than any other activity will teach you this and that can be a huge benefit on many levels, including losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight.

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