DP Travel: Our Tips For The First Time Traveller



DelhiPlanet is back after a mind-blowing trip across Europe and if you wanna know what we did then keep checking us out. With DP Travel you’ll be traveling across the length and breadth of Europe from the comfort of wherever you are.

First Time Air Travel, especially International Travel is something that most people look forward to and many experiences it at some point in their life in one form or another. As much as one may deny it, traveling for the first time to an alien country is always a little scary. One doesn’t know the procedures followed at the airport, the security measures(especially after 9/11) and there is always a fear that something may go wrong. Keeping this in mind, we bring to you 7 Tips, that would prove to be very useful to you if you are a first-time traveler traveling to a foreign land from any Indian Metro.

    1. The First Checkpoint at an Indian Airport is the Airport Entrance, where a guard checks your ticket and passport(a security measure existent at very few airports around the world). It’s quite amusing to see that in a city like Delhi one cannot enter the airport at either the arrival or departure terminals without a passport. This is in stark contrast to airports around the world where the arrival terminal is almost like a mall, where you can even go for a casual visit.


    1. Next, you need to get the baggage you wish to check in x-rayed and if you’re not carrying something illegal then the guys at the counter would tie the bag with a plastic band. This band indicates that your baggage is safe for check-in. Again this is something that happens in very few countries of the world.


    1. Now, you need to find and go to the counter of the airline that you’re flying. For Example: If you are flying KLM, goto the KLM counter and check-in your baggage. If you are lucky the attendant would ask you the kind of seat that you like(window/aisle) and would then give you a boarding pass for the flight. Keep this boarding pass safely with you as you would need it till you board the aircraft.


    1. Next, you would need to fill out an immigration form that would be handed to you with the boarding pass. This is quite a simple form that can be filled out using your passport and boarding pass and has to be submitted at the immigration counter.


    1. Now you need to head towards the immigration counter and upon being called you need to present your passport and filled immigration form. The officer at the desk would check the validity of your visa and passport and if everything is fine, he would stamp the visa with the date of your departure. Once you are through this point it means that you have officially left the country.


    1. The next stop is the much-dreaded security check. Post 9/11, the American and British airport authorities have really gone overboard with this procedure sometimes even resorting to Strip Search, which is quite pathetic. It is strongly recommended that one should read the guidelines of the airport from which you are flying as they vary from one place to another. At Most places it’s better not to carry any form of liquids, gels, knives, pins or any other pointed metallic objects in your hand luggage, it’s advisable to place such items in the luggage that you check in. During the security check, your hand baggage and everything in your pockets and your belt would be x-rayed and you may or may not be physically checked by the officer. Many people who do not read the rules and regulations of the airport are forced to surrender items that they buy, so make sure you have read all the rules.


    1. Once past the security check, you would find yourself in the departure lounge, here you can do whatever you wish to kill time. Seat yourself close to the gate mentioned in the boarding pass and carefully listen to all the announcements being made. At the time mentioned on the boarding pass, you would be asked to board the aircraft. Pick up all your belongings and head towards the gate with your passport and boarding pass in hand. The Airline officials would check your boarding pass and once inside the aircraft the cabin crew would take good care of you.


That’s it 7 steps and you’re not a first-time flier anymore. Be Safe and Have A Nice Flight !!!