Do It Yourself For Projects For Single Mothers

Single moms need to do it all, from cooking and cleaning, to feeding and bathing. From going out and working, to being there for all the important moments in their kids’ lives. Then there is the need to keep their home beautiful and ever ready to impress any and all visitors. On the decor front, there are a few things that single moms can do in order to keep their homes looking beautiful and well maintained, without it taking too much money or time in the bargain.

Let us then have a look at nine such DIY projects for single mothers. Anyone else with a creative bent can also undertake these to make the interior design of their houses really stand out.

Create Memory Collages And Frame Them

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Memory Collages

Your kids will grow up in the blink of an eye. Preserve their memories by creating memory collages and framing them. You can enlist the help of your kids in this labour of love. Collect their finest photographs and arrange them such that they form words or another picture altogether. Frame these works of art and proudly display them on the walls of your living room or bedroom.

Buy Old Furniture And Refurbish It Yourself

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Refurbish

Buying an old armoire, table or chairs and refurbishing them yourself is a great way of saving the old piece and adding a ‘new’, quirky piece to your own space. Simply using sand paper and waterproof paint to brighten up these old pieces is enough to make them look and feel brand new. Just make sure they are strong and have no termite damage (if they’re wooden).

Patchwork Rugs

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Patchwork Rugs

One thing that moms never run out of are their kids’ old clothes. From baby tees to jeans and shorts, there is always a pile you have ready to give away to charity. Why not repurpose them instead? Patching together different items of old clothing to make quilts and rugs can really lift the decor-quotient of any room. Not to mention the cute factor and memories you will be sewing into the fabric of the room!

Snowmen Milk Bottles

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Milk Bottles

Old milk bottles make great flower vases. Here’s a novel way of reusing them. Take some white wool and glue. Stick the white wool in a concentric fashion on the exterior of the milk bottle. It will end up looking like a snowman, you can then use these snowmen as either flower vases or to serve juices like in chic cafes.

Crates As Storage

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Crates As Storage

If you have a lot of wooden crates lying around, just sanding them down, painting them and a coat of waterproofing can convert them from useless crates into storage shelves for toys, books and clothes. Involve your kids and family members in this exercise and it will make those crates even more special, allowing everyone in the family to boast about a job well done.

Vinyl Records As Coasters

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Vinyl Records As Coasters

Paint old 45 rpm vinyl records and use them as coasters. Very easy to do and very high on kitschy appeal. They will also act as an excellent method to start conversations. Anyone old enough to know what they were used for will delve into the days of yore describing simpler times when listening to those records over a cup of tea had a different pleasure of its own.

Repurposing Photo Frames

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Repurpose Old Photo Frames

Old photo frames can be repurposed to create new, ornate serving trays, table tops and mirrors with gilt edges. The procedure for all these is the same, just repaint the old frame, dry them well and then pair them up with the respective items like the tray, mirror or table top.

Old Posters

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Old Posters

Find old posters or old art works and frame them with repurposed frames for a real statement piece in your living room. Some of these can look like real antiques almost turning your home into a priceless art gallery.

Old Photo Postcards As Bookends

10 DIY Projects For Single Mothers - Bookends

Old photo postcards stuck to blocks of wood make excellent bookends for your children’s bookshelves, not to forget, they make quirky gifts as well.

You don’t need an endless budget to make your home look unique and beautiful. You do however need to have an imagination like no other and the patience to pull off as many D-I-Y projects as possible to make it look amazing.

Note: This is a guest post by Christie Baker. An interior designer, who is a passionate advocate of eco-friendly design. She advises clients on how to make stunning changes to their spaces with minimal cost and a significant reduction in their carbon footprint.



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