10 Pin Bowling With Tennis Balls, F1 Golf, Cricket With Movie Stars – Funny Sports Moments To Cherish


Enjoy These Funny Sports Moments from Tennis, Racing and Cricket

The big bad world of media and entertainment has it within its DNA to make things appear larger than life. Its for this very reason that most of the common folk are highly fascinated by celebrities and media personalities as they are deemed to belong a separate species all together. Moments where these notions are thrashed are then highly cherished by most of us. This feature takes a look at a few such funny sports moments where our favorite sports-stars indulged in moments of light-heartedness and enjoyed their time away from the spotlight whilst entertaining the masses at the same time.

Among the various activities that people pursue, sports alone has this unique ability of revving up human emotions and bringing together people from across the world to a common platform. A win in a major national sporting event leads to the country’s entire population to shed their inhibitions, lower their guards and lose those infinite layers of complexity that prevent us from trusting another person.

Our favorite sports heroes may retire and grow old with time but thanks to YouTube and cataloged video content, their iconic sporting moments always live on. As a matter of fact they only get better with time bringing back nostalgic memories when they are seen again. The same effect can happen if one were to see their loved sporting icons indulge in some fun as it then reveals their human side. Lets take a look at some of these instances through a collection of funny sports moments which are sure to bring a smile to your face.

10 Pin Bowling With Tennis Balls

As part of their marketing efforts around the 2012 US Open, Head Tennis put together a face-off between two of their most well-known brand ambassadors in a unique all-court, multi-sport competition.

SPEED vs. INSTINCT – The Challenge’ featured Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic and French Open winner Maria Sharapova using their tennis prowess in unusual and surprising tests of skill. Round 1 starts off on the golf course where Maria is amazingly able to hit a tennis ball into the hole on her second try much to the dismay of Djokovic. Novak however takes his revenge on the bowling alley hitting a strike with just one shot.

With successful initiatives in 2011 and 2012, HEAD has now built a reputation of putting together some of the most amazing digital campaigns around its racquets which are made enjoyable thanks to comic bone Djokovic and the stunning beauty and talent of Sharapova.

F1 Golf

David Coulthard’s world record for the furthest golf shot caught in a moving car is not really a prime candidate for being in the list funny sports moments however it does leave you amazed at the skills possessed by professional sportsmen.

An effort by Mercedes Benz UK, “The Catch” challenged Formula 1 legend and AMG brand ambassador David Coulthard to catch a golf ball using a 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, and in the process set a new Guinness World Record.

Coulthard, who was driving the 571-horsepower SLS AMG Roadster at 120 mph, caught a golf ball struck by professional golfer Jake Shepherd 900 feet away. “Timing is the tricky thing,” confided David afterwards. “The ball will go off the club at an amazing speed… but of course as it travels it loses energy. You’ve got the engine powering its way through and the skillful bit is matching them up, trying to get it right in the middle and stay there,” said Coulthard after achieving the feat.

Cricket With Movie Stars

As explored in more detail by our sister publication, GlobalMasala, Cricket is perhaps one of the few sports in the world that ties together both Hollywood and Bollywood. This of course is largely due to the efforts of Shane Warne who has connections with Bollywood thanks to his IPL exposure and Hollywood thanks to popular Australian actors who work there.

Indeed in addition to Shahrukh Khan hitting Shane Warne for a boundary you can also find Hugh Jackman hitting Warney for 20 runs in an over for a exhibition match in Australia (read Hollywood Celebrities That Follow Cricket).

Football And Baseball On The Tennis Court

As it turns out, Tennis is a really flexible sport as the racquet and ball can be used to simulate a variety of sports including shooting and martial arts.

The clip shown above features Andy Roddick (white t-shirt) and Andy Murray (green t-shirt) playing against the team of Novak Djokovic (red t-shirt) and Ana Ivanovic for the Rally for Relief charity match held at Melbourne on January 16, 2011. The match was held prior to the start of the Australian Open to raise funds for the 2011 Queensland floods which caused a lot of devastation in the sunshine state of Australia.

It ranks as one of those funny sports moments which is bound to leave anyone who watches it in raptures. Murray and Djokovic both Europeans showoff their football skills while Roddick who hails from the United States of America resorts to a baseball pitch. Ivanovic meanwhile feels quite left-out as the boys slug it between themselves.

Did these funny sports moments bring a smile to your face? Do you know of any other similar moments that entertaining and endearing? Do share your thoughts by dropping a comment?