Nadi Astrology, The Advanced Chapters – Finding Your Perfect Life Partner


Find your match made in heaven through Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology, an ancient mystical science that is capable of predicting your past and future with amazing accuracy continues to intrigue us and millions of other people across India as evidenced by the continuous popularity of our previous articles on this topic:

li>The Real Truth Of Naadi Astrology


When explored in depth it turns out that Nadi Shastra does not only provide basic general information of your future but can also provide highly detailed information on various other matters of life such as Money, education, acquisition of Land and Vehicles, marriage, children, enemies, diseases, career, past life karma and remedies etc. This information is available in special chapters known as Kandams. Each Kandam has a particular number assigned to it which provides information on different aspects of an individual’s life.

For e.g. Kandam 7 known as the Lagna Kandam provides details about your marriage and married life while Kandam 13 known as Shanthi Kandam provides information about one’s past birth, sins committed and remedial measures to rectify those sins. Information about these chapters is present in separate nadi leaves and can only be identified after the main leaf has been found and interpreted.

In this feature our focus is on Kandam 7 whereby we shall detail the qualities of one’s future life partner that are mentioned in this particular leaf. In most cases this leaf provides the following information which helps a person identify his/her soul mate:

  • General personal nature and attitude
  • Complexion, approximate height, type and color of Hair
  • Physique, shape of face, structure of eyes, nose and birth marks
  • Approximate age of the parties when they get married
  • Education, career profile and area of expertise
  • Direction and characteristics of the place of residence
  • Financial status of the new family (in-laws)
  • Number of siblings, health of parents and loved ones
  • Clues on the name such as main syllables, length, meaning of name

Apart from the above the Marriage Chapter also provides information about possible problems as a married couple as well as the impact of the marriage on the information seeker’s (the person whose leaf is being read) career and financial status.

Despite its tremendous growth and shifts towards Westernization, India continues to be a country rooted in culture, tradition and religion. It also has a highly skewed sex ratio in favor of men making it difficult for the urban male population to find partners of their choice. Although the concept of dating and love marriages is on the rise, arranged marriages are still the norm with parents making most of the decisions about the married life of their kids. In such an environment the presence of such techniques don’t really come as a surprise.

Whether the information in these leaves is accurate or not is and will continue to remain subjective. This is what we have learnt from the responses that we received to our other articles on this topic. Nevertheless we would like to hear your views as we continue to explore the various facets of Nadi Astrology.


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