What Does Real Beauty Mean To You?


Trying to define Real Beauty

A four year old child: “My mother is the only real beauty in the world, at-least for me”.

A teenager at puberty: “Good Looking, attractive, charming, stylish, rich, someone who is fun to hangout and be with”

A young adult in their mid 20’s: “Super good looking, very attractive, should have a great body, charming, stylish, well to do and can make a good conversation”

A mature adult in their late 30’s: “Transparent, genuine, pure, attractive, reliable and supportive”

Someone who’s seen it all: “Real beauty lies within you. It is defined by acts of kindness, encouragement and service. It is beyond the physical and the material, those are nothing but illusions. Real beauty lies in being present for yourself and for others.”

or as Tel Aviv based Social Media Manager Roniet Berci puts it

@social_yogirl on the definition of real beauty.

It is a fact that beauty has no single definition, a truth that is echoed by the famous phrase “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” meaning that different individuals have different inclinations on what is beautiful. These differences in perception however are a result of personal experiences, education and perhaps more importantly today than ever before exposure to media. As the responses in the beginning indicate, our understanding of “real beauty” begins to blur as we grow older and then becomes clearer again as we approach the second half of our lives.

Today we live in a world of always on Media. Over glamorization of popular media and entertainment has created the worst possible definition of real beauty that is leading to numerous problems related to confidence and self-esteem amongst the youth. Young girls in particular are highly suspect to such influences as a result of which cases of unhealthy dieting, anorexia and bulimia have become more common and widespread. Even amongst the older, educated and more experienced folks elements of beauty tending towards the physical aspects are gaining in promnience (read here). All of this doesn’t bode well for the future.

In his critically acclaimed book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking“, Malcolm Gladwell speaks about the Warren Harding Error whereby he talks about how our judgement of individuals gifted with physical beauty is often clouded and biased. Most of us in the educated society are greatly influenced by the power of first impressions which we essentially apply in all aspects of our lives. It is here that we often mix up the difference between presentation and beauty, confusing the former for the latter.

Donna O'Donell on definition of real beauty

Real Beauty cannot be judged on first impressions unless you are gifted soul. Deep within, all of us know what real beauty means including those who are physically beautiful as is exemplified by these quotes.

Beauty is exemplified in who you are, not in your physical appearance. Flesh cannot contain it. Age, unable to diminish it. In fact, true beauty only grows more radiant through the years – through acts of kindness and encouragement, service and selflessness, and by placing the needs of others before your own. Now that’s beautiful – Shira Adatto, Network Marketer for Agel Beauty Products

New York based Celebrity Yoga Instructor Kristin Mcgee “Real beauty to me is authenticity. Being true to your self and sharing that unique, wonderful self with the world is the most beautiful thing. Listen to your own inner voice, move your body, meditate, create, and be positive. Look directly in to someone’s eyes to see their beauty. Listen with your entire being. Be present for your self and others. Be bold, be brave, be strong but also be sensitive, smart and kind” – Quoted by New York based celebrity yoga instructor and model Kristin Mcgee (as shown left).

In 2010, American actress, singer and television presenter Jessica Simpson along with her two friends Cacee Cobb and Ken Paves set out on a global journey to explore the meaning of real beauty with her Television show “The Price of Beauty”. Jessica and her friends traveled all over the world “to meet women, study local fashions, dietary fads and beauty regimes,” all in an attempt to explore the meaning of true beauty in different cultures.

At the end of the first season (see episodes here) what they concluded was captured by Jessica in her song “Who We Are” with the main line being

You gotta be you for yourself. Because you’re like nobody else

So the next time you see something appealing, take a moment to absorb and grasp it. If an opportunity presents itself delve beneath the surface before making a decision or forming an opinion because in the end “Real Beauty” is just about being yourself.


  1. Great Read, specially because it includes the opinions of popular personalities and experts in the area of beauty. Here’s what International artist and Bollywood sensation Natalie Di Luccio said about Real Beauty in her interview here http://www.globalmasala.com/2011/06/a-fireside-chat-with-a-r-rahmans-canadian-italian-indian-nightingale-natalie-di-luccio/

    To me “Real Beauty” is
    someone with a good heart. Someone who gives without expecting to receive and
    someone who is strong enough to forgive. Someone who’s smile brings a smile on
    my face and who carries a positive aura around. To me, that’s real beauty.


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