Best Practices in Digital Marketing for Business Schools – A DelhiPlanet Media WhitePaper


Best Practices in Digital Marketing for Business Schools

Live in the present with an eye on the Future

A practice that is applicable to every sphere of life whether it be personal or professional. This spiritual philosophy also holds true for businesses and you can see glimpses of this in the success of Apple today. As the world gradually moves into the digital age, businesses around the world are making sure they stay current so as to not lose out on present and future customers. Today the message is loud and clear, “The Future is Digital“.

Most establishments across the world realize this and have been working hard to align their operations to face this reality. Some of them are however struggling and as one would expect it is the SME’s in traditional businesses that have been around for many decades that are finding it the hardest to adapt. Amongst these traditional enterprises the one that stands out the most is Education.

The new decade that we live in will see disruptive shifts in the way education is imparted, whether it be schools, undergraduate or postgraduate universities. Every student that joins school or university today is a part of Generation Y or Generation Z, in other words every individual who seeks education today is a Digital Native.

The big question then is Who will lead this disruptive change? Who will be the first one to experiment and become the early adopter? One of the possible contenders are business schools for reasons that are easy to understand (more mature and demanding students, more money power, greater visibility in the media etc). It is thus not only important but imperative for business schools to establish themselves in the Digital landscape. In order to help them achieve this shift and strongly engage with prospective, current and graduated students, DelhiPlanet Media presents a whitepaper titled Best Practices in Digital Marketing for Business Schools.

The purpose of this paper is to showcase the fact that as business school education becomes increasingly competitive, and global, marketing teams in business schools need to work smarter and on an international stage to promote the school’s brand effectively and meet target student numbers. As marketing and brand communication efforts increasingly move online it is important to be knowledgeable and aware of best practices in this area to maximize your Return on Marketing Investment and work towards creating a strong and recognizable global brand.

This paper is available for viewing below and can be downloaded for free here.

Best Practices in Digital Marketing for Business Schools – Delhi Planet Media

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