The Entrepreneurship Recipe – Ambiguity mixed with Passion and Learning


The Anatomy of an Entrepreneur

Move Guides founder and London Business School student Brynne Kennedy Herbert shares her journey of entrepreneurship while pursuing an MBA

This week I learned to draw. Not literally, (believe me, I will never be the next Picasso) but digitally. A wonderful classmate of mine who is a particularly artistic ex-architect gave me a private tutorial on the design programs out there.  Curiously, architect classmate is pondering a career in real estate investment banking post MBA, which conveniently I did in my previous life. I can thus compensate him for his hour of generosity with my profound insight on net present values, EBITDA margins, and power point formatting.

Entrepreneurship is a constant rollercoaster of personal and skill development. As I thought about my second entrepreneurship column this week, I decided that my weekly columns will be a compilation of everything no one tells you about starting a business. I think this is a particularly gaping hole for those switching from the corporate sector to entrepreneurship. In many cases, we ex-bankers and ex-consultants are used to defined tasks (often too-defined) within our own spheres. We analyze start-up ideas with rubrics from Michael Porter and calculate how long it will take to raise funding from that first VC. The actual world of entrepreneurship is not always so glamorous and I for one have found it challenging to manage the logistics and ambiguity of an early start-up. In fact, I can think of few things less enjoyable than waiting on hold with the HMRC VAT department or comparing office space rates in areas of London that, until very recently, I had never heard of.

Women In Business Conference at London Business School I spent today at the LBS Women in Business Conference and had the pleasure of hearing from a fantastic group of female leaders and entrepreneurs. After ordering our weekly groceries from my Ocado app during the finance panel, my ears perked up when the entrepreneurs arrived. From beautiful hedge fund saleswoman-fashion designer Britt Lintner to endearing Cupcake Moma, Karen Parker to the ever-brilliant Heather McGregor, we in the audience were treated to an afternoon with an inspiring group of women who have taken their careers into their own hands.

As I continue to build out Move Guides, I am struck almost daily with the scale of development and learning that confronts me. Thanks to an architect friend, I now have the grounding I need to design images for our marketing initiatives and thanks to the kind lady at HMRC I have a handle on my VAT filing. But there is much more to come. Tomorrow’s project is an afternoon of brainstorming on how to implement one of our new as-yet-to-be-announced initiatives and next week, I will finalize our first promotional video and the new website and begin training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon, for which I just received word of an official spot.

Brynne Kennedy Herbert is the Founder and CEO of MOVE Guides, an integrated media platform for global relocation


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    The meaning of Entrepreneurship is the start of new business.this business may be small business or large business.only thing is to achieve a goal in any type.


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