3 Yoga Moves to recover from Over Indulgence


3 Yoga Moves to recover from Over Indulgence

Staying fit, healthy and well is so important to lead a happy life. Even then no matter how much restraint and discipline you may impose on yourself there will always be times when one will over-indulge.

While over-indulging frequently maybe a bad thing doing so occasionally is actually good. After all how can one enjoy a festival, special occasion or family celebration without letting your hair down and listening to your heart. The key point about over indulgence then is not to avoid it but to deal with it when it happens.

Here’s how you can use Yoga to deal with over indulgence:


The Malasana

Also known as the Squat, it is an excellent posture to clear any blockages in the body. Don’t be surprised if you hear some loud noises from your body while doing this posture


Great twist for detox

Twisting can be done either sitting or lying and basically involves twisting the two halves of your body in different directions. Try ardha matseyandrasana or marichyasana or any simple lying twist. Twisting helps to tone the internal organs as well as improving digestion. Additionally, they provide a really nice release for the back if you’ve been sitting around all day.

Viparita Karani

The Legs up the wall pose

Also known as the “Legs up the wall posture” it is a great rejuvenator and simply involves popping your legs up the wall for at least 5 minutes, at any time of the day. Great if you’ve had a few too many late nights or as an excuse to be lazy while doing something for your body.

Spending about five minutes per posture will help your digestive system overcome the excess intake and most likely will help you feel better. If you have a little more time on your hands you can also do the downward dog pose and calm yourself with 10 minutes of relaxing meditation.

Note: This is a guest post by Kate Pippos, founder of Love Spirit Yoga based in Sydney, Australia. Read the original post here. Liked what you read, share your views by leaving a comment.


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