Five Must See Vidoes for MBAs and Businessmen


Five Must See Vidoes for MBAs and Businessmen

Most MBA students around the world today belong to Generation Y and in some instances Generation X. The former were born into a world where consumer technology witnessed explosive growth. Starting from the late 1980’s personal computers had started to become common place. Today as we well and truly step into the second decade of the 21st century, iPhones and iPads are changing the way people spend their time on a daily basis.

The free flow of information and the ability to stay in touch with people all over the world from the comforts of your room, thanks to the internet and social networking has well and truly changed the way education was meant to be imparted. In fact many of us in our 20’s wonder what the world was like without the Internet.

Education itself has been witnessing a paradigm shift with regards to the way students can be kept engaged and taught concepts relevant to today’s fast changing times. In this context perhaps MBA education is one of the few courses which needs to keep pace with new teaching methods. One of the reasons why you cannot expect to complete an MBA if you don’t have a good laptop at the least.

What’s interesting to see today is the use of technology and social media by senior professors at reputed business schools. Bloomberg Businessweek reports here as to how Harvard and Columbia Business School have added Social media courses to their MBA curricula to address corporate demand for social-network-savvy employees.

I recall that towards the last part of my MBA earlier this year I heard about courses where professors instructed students to start and maintain a blog about what they learned. These blogs were monitored and also graded so that students took them seriously. Not to mention the increased use of online video in classes to communicate a study or explain a concept that would otherwise put the students to sleep.

That brings us to the topic of this post. Below are 5 videos that I got to see in some of the courses during my MBA and I am pretty sure they are shown at most Business schools around the world.

Finance: The Crisis of Credit

This video was shown to us during the core finance module at AGSM, Sydney. MBA students who couldn’t find jobs certainly wanted to know what caused the whole mess.

Marketing: Why Traditional Focus Groups Don’t work – Inside the Reptilian Brain

I saw this video during a Marketing elective at the Kellogg School of Management. Great watch for those interested in qualitative market research and advertising research.

Entrepreneurship: Perfecting the Elevator Pitch

Another video that was shown to us during a new product innovation class at Kellogg. A must see for anyone planning an entrepreneurial venture.

Networking: Discover the Secrets of Working the Room

This is again a very useful video that teaches you the art of networking and scanning the room to find a conversation that you can join. You’re bound to watch one of these at any session organized by your school’s career services.

Salary Negotiations: Do’s & Dont’s

This is why most of us do an MBA. An absolute must see for anyone looking to get a new job

In addition I would also recommend that you watch this video on Quantitative Easing to understand the meaning of the current measures being taken by the US Government to revive the economy.

So basically, if you are looking to do an MBA but haven’t reached the point of applying to one yet, don’t worry. Just scan youtube for your areas of interest and you would have received some percentage of MBA wisdom in the process.

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