The Credit Crunch MBA Life


Q. How much would you pay for a life where you had to work and study about 70 hours a week, save money wherever possible and always be uncertain about the future ?

I’m sure you are scratching your head and asking yourself as to why you would pay anything for a life like that. Well, as it turns out that is what an International MBA at a top business school is like and people pay thousands of dollars for it.

Life during an MBA is an experience by itself. There is always so much to do that one can get overwhelmed very easily and it’s hard to keep calm at times. I suppose the MBA trains its students to master the art of multi-tasking and prioritizing as those are the scenarios that any manager has to face in the real world.
The MBA program has a number of unique qualities but the one that stands out the most is that your average class would have people with various years of work experience and a great deal of diversity. During a good economic environment people would tend to maximize their learning and enjoy their time at school in the company of similar people. However given the GFC and the current economic turmoil this facet of MBA life has definitely been affected.

The “Credit Crunch MBA” generation comprises of people who’ve always wanted to get an MBA and found the current financial atmosphere to be the most suited for it. Present MBA students who would be passing out in the middle of next year are strongly hoping that things would get better by that time. This hope and expectation coupled with news of the tough job market and the need to be a perfect match for any position has led to a highly competitive environment. Getting the best grades has suddenly become a high priority as everyone strives for perfection.

The MBA however is also a great platform to showcase your leadership and ability. One of the positive things that have come out of the GFC for current B-School students is that people have realized that there is no right or wrong solution. Thus class lectures devote more time to discussions and student feedback on lectures is taken very seriously by the academic affairs.

Overall it is said and widely believed that the MBA experience is a tough but highly rewarding and satisfying journey. The Credit Crunch MBA generation is certainly hoping for the same.


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