3 Yoga Moves For A Younger Body, Mind And Soul


A DelhiPlanet Health And Wellness Exclusive, In Association With Queen Yogini Kristin McGee.

Anti aging products, Botox, Anti-wrinkle creams etc are all passe. Unless you’re ready to counter the side effects of these products you shouldn’t really go for them as they are known to have harmful after effects. Many movie stars and media personalities are known to go for such medications in order to maintain a younger look.

In a recent interview Former “Friends” star Courteney Cox admitted that she tried Botox and hated its muscle-paralysing effects. Cox 44, said after using the face-freezing injection she lost her ability to make facial expressions and it hampered her acting skills (Source).

Queen Yogini Kristin Mcgee is however living proof of the fact that all it takes to slow down the aging process is to keep your mind and body in balance. Most people age faster than they should because of increased stress, tension and worries. Yoga is however known across the world for it’s ability to eliminate stress and worries. It is also a great way to stimulate the thyroid gland and improve body circulation, both of which play a vital role in keeping a person young. In today’s edition of DelhiPlanet Health And Wellness, Kristin, shows us some bendy yoga moves that tone your body, relieve stress and eliminate wrinkles. So forget those creams and try out some yoga for a change.


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