Drop Into A Peaceful Slumber With These 4 Yoga Moves


A DelhiPlanet Health And Wellness Exclusive, In Association With Queen Yogini Kristin McGee.

I’m not so happy with my job, My boss gives me a tough time, When will I get married ?, When will I get promoted ?, My friend from college is doing much better in life than me, Why do I never get what I deserve ?“. These are just some of the thoughts and ramblings that develop in our minds as we move along the journey of life.

Many a times these thoughts or tensions put a significant stress on the mind, leading to a lot of health related problems and worst of all to irregular sleep patterns. Just as it is important to keep oneself fit and healthy so as to lead an active life it is also important to sleep well so that the body can be recharged the right way. The aspect of sleeping is an area of medicine that is still not well understood, however it does play a major role in our body functions. Most people would agree that the best form of sleep is one where even a gun shot would fail to wake you up and does not consist of any dreams.

In today’s edition of DP Health And Wellness, Kristin shows some really easy yoga moves that one can practice before going to bed. These moves would make you relax and forget your worries, thereby helping you to get a sound sleep.



  1. Well its soo obvious when people have alot of workstress they get depressed and all. Its not limited to one person. There are alot of ways that we can overcome this problem. But i think yoga is one of the best solutions that one can come up with when it comes to this situation. Interesting article. Niclely described


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