iPump With Your Favorite Trainer – Now Carry Your Workout Wherever You Go


In today’s fast-paced and highly uncertain world it is very important to ensure that we don’t get caught up in the madness and start neglecting the certain subtle things that end making a huge difference later on. It is common observation that the richer a person gets the more his/her health starts to suffer. As Spiderman famously says “with great power comes great responsibility” and great power is mostly followed by great wealth.

Most of the people who can’t keep up with their fitness regimes complain that the nature of their jobs prevent them from doing so. Such folks are constantly on the move and thus find it difficult to keep up with their fitness routines. Well as we gradually move on from the “Internet Age” to the “iPhone Age” it’s almost certain that there are going to be technological innovations that will take care of problems that arise out of frequent movement and travel.

PumpOne is one such organization that specializes in mobile personalized workouts. PumpOne offers different Video Trainer series meant for the iPhone, iPod and a number of other different handheld devices thus allowing one to carry his fitness in the most convenient fashion. Such a solution if well extended can make a profound impact in the growth of the Health Industry as people will have access to their favorite workouts right at their fingertips as opposed to the previous form, where one needed a DVD to practice a trainer workout.

So for example, if you’re keen on taking to Yoga and Pilates and would always like to have your workouts with you then you have a solution like PumpAsanas and PumpPilates featuring Queen Yogini and Health Expert Kristin Mcgee. For instance, PumpedAsanas has a number of picture-perfect poses and flowing sequences of new and familiar postures which together will provide a whole new yoga experience. PumpedPilates on the other hand is a series of mat workouts with exercises designed to target your core along with challenging your strength and flexibility.

PumpOne is certainly a excellent concept and great news for all health enthusiasts. Checkout a sample of what a PumpOne workout looks like below.


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