The Smart Way To Lose Weight, Part 1


Today one of the biggest ailments affecting people across the world is obesity, excessive weight and other weight related problems and yet, there is no good solution to get rid of the excess fat on your body. Of course there are plenty of “so-called” solutions such dieting, Liposuction and in extreme cases solutions like Bariatric Surgery and hcg diet injections. While some of these solutions work, others don’t and even the ones that work are mostly temporary. You can’t diet or starve all your life and you can’t go in for surgery every time you put on weight. So the right way to lose weight and keep it that way is to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle, that is truly the smart way to lose weight.

Of course that’s easier said than done. As hard as you may try, you will go through phases when your exercise regime will go for a toss and you’ll end up eating more than you want to. The end result is obvious, you’ll be back to where you started from. So what really is the solution to this vicious circle of weight gain and weight loss. Well, the answer is simple, “change the way you think about food“.

Most of the highly obese and overweight people are those who in times of distress, “eat“. Such people are emotional eaters, who treat food as a way to vent out their anger, stress and other unhappy emotions. The rest of us who don’t suffer from too many emotional problems are no better. We rarely ever eat food to satisfy our hunger. Most of us eat because it is “time” to eat or because the food is free and we need to have it. And even if you eat only when you are hungry chances are that you eat more than you should and that’s because you miss the all important signal from the only organ of your body that controls your digestion, your stomach. It may sound really amazing but the truth is there is a really smart way to lose weight and enjoy life at the same time. This can be achieved by just following some simple rules.

    • Don’t Diet, Cause It’ll never work: How many times have you gone on a diet, lost some weight, felt better about yourself only to find that within a few months you are back to your normal eating habits and thus your normal weight. Some people even gain weight while dieting and starving. When we starve, diet or eat excessively less, our digestive system starts getting the wrong signals. Since you don’t feed your stomach whenever it asks for food, it tends to think that there is a famine and a shortage of food. Therefore whenever you actually do eat, it stores most of the energy in the form of fat since it knows that it would not get food every-time it asks for it. Thus in short, stints at dieting and underfeeding yourself, will never help. Even the women who do it, know that it’s a very unhealthy way of losing weight. So always make sure that you Never Diet and Never Starve, cause its certainly not the smart way to lose weight.


  • Hungry, Feed Yourself: So how does one lose weight without dieting. Firstly make sure that you eat only when you are hungry. The stomach sends out hunger signals when it is in need of food and eating the right amounts of food at such times gives one a strong metabolism. Contrary to popular perception you can eat whatever you like regardless of the number of calories it contains as long as you eat the right amount at the right time. So next time, don’t just go for lunch cause it’s lunch time and your friends are having lunch. Eat when you need it.

To learn more about this approach to lose weight read Part 2 of this feature.


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