First Impressions Of An Indian In The USA


What is it about the United States Of America, better known as the US of A that all Indians are always eager to experience life as it happens there. Well, the reasons really vary from one person to another and even though the US is a multi-cultural and diverse country not everyone who goes there would like it too much.

Irrespective of where you come from in India your first visit to the US would surely make you observe new things about the way people go about there lives there. Let’s take a look at a few of these

  • The Customer Is King: Good Customer Service is very essential in America. Customer service standards are very high as there are big penalties associated with poor customer service. So if you visit a restaurant and don’t like the food that is served, you can speak to the manager and you can rest assure that he would do something about it. India is also moving towards this trend gradually but it’s still a long way away from the US.
  • The Weather Is A Big Deal: If you thought that the weather in India is unpredictable then you were seriously mistaken. In the United States, it could be warm and cosy on one day and cold and rainy on another. The climate variations here quite extreme as a result of which most people constantly update themselves with the weather forecasts for the day and the week. Another thing that is different in the US is that the weather predictions turn out to be true most of the times, unlike India.
  • The Day Starts Early: The working day starts really early in the US. People generally reach office by 8:30 am and finish their lunch by 1 pm. People usually leave by 5:30 pm and have their dinner by 7 pm. In India, the days start off a little late and also ends late as a result of which the meal timings are usually about 2 hours ahead of the American meal timings.
  • You Need A Car For Everything: In most of the American Cities, people are crazy about cars and everyone wants to own a Nice Car. One of the main reasons for this is that it isn’t easy to move around on foot or public transport. The means of public transport are very limited and it’s really not convenient to walk to any place. One of the reasons why people rent cars a lot in the US.
  • The Options Will Confuse You: The USA is a paradise for the food freak. There are just so many options available for food and drink and you would most certainly be confused.

Well, if you have any more thoughts on this then do share it with us and if you’re traveling to the US for the first time then you might want to start preparing yourself for the new way life that you’ll experience there from now on, especially the jet lag. 😉


  1. about the public transport, it depends on the city you are in. Since you are in texas, even if they had public transport, they wouldn’t use it. By the way, go to the rodeo.


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