Herbi, Carni, Omni And Now The Locavore


Have you decided to go green this new year? Is going vegetarian one of your New Year Resolutions. Well, before you go ahead and start practicing your new lifestyle you should know that our food now travels an average of 1,500 miles before ending up on our plates. This globalization of the food supply has serious consequences for the environment, our health, our communities, and our taste buds. Much of the food grown in the breadbasket surrounding us must be shipped across the country to distribution centers before it makes its way back to our supermarket shelves. Because uncounted costs of this long distance journey (air pollution and global warming, the ecological costs of large-scale monoculture, the loss of family farms and local community dollars) are not paid for at the checkout counter, many of us do not think about them at all (as explained by the locavores).

Now that sure is an eye-opener and certainly an argument in favor of the omnivores. So if you can consume meat that is produced closer to your home, i.e within a 100 mile radius of your house it is much better than consuming green vegetables imported from another country. So goes the philosophy of the Locavores, a movement that encourages consumers to buy from farmers markets or even to grow or pick their own food, arguing that fresh, local products are more nutritious and taste better. Locavores also shun supermarket offerings as an environmentally friendly measure, since shipping food over long distances often requires more fuel for transportation.

It is predicted that the impact of this movement would only grow bigger as time passes given the fact that climate change and global warming are serious issues which need to be tackled in the next few years and the locavore movement greatly aids in reducing an individual’s carbon footprint.

So, forget about not eating meat and going herbivore. We suggest that if you really wanna make a difference then become a locavore. There’s no dearth of locavore recipes either, check out foodandwine.com for tips on How to Eat Like a Locavore.



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