A Woman Only World – It’s Worth Experimenting


    Imagine a world without men or to put it more aptly an all female world. The thought is not new and has been the subject of many books and novels like ,Virgin Planet,The Y Chromosome and Ammonite to name a few (See here). What was earlier just a thought or a concept may now become reality. The Latest Medical breakthrough makes it possible to grow sperm cells taken from the bone-marrow tissue from women. Such a sperm can then be fused with the female egg to give birth to girl child as the male Y chromosome would still be required to conceive a son. (Read here for more)

    Apart from this there is also speculation that nature itself is reducing the rate at which boys are being born. Bryan Sykes, a professor of Human Genetics at the University of Oxford believes that men are headed for extinction in approximately 125,000 years time. This is due to the deterioration of the Y-chromosome that is making men ever more infertile, whilst the X-chromosome has a duplicate, which can repair itself and avoid bad mutations, bringing women out on top. In the modern day world there is certainly no denying the fact that woman are excelling in every field and giving the men a run for their money.

    So if scientists really think that they can make woman reproduce asexually then probably they can experiment with the concept of an all female world. One just needs to have a state of the art facility, maybe an island where only women would stay for long periods of time. This initial research can be funded and if the selected participants can survive easily for say 5-10 years then well, you do have a scenario where science fiction would become reality. It should be really easy to find woman volunteers for the study, for example the writer of this article would seem to be an ideal candidate.

    The disadvantage of men becoming extinct is that all women could effectively become lesbians as they would still need emotional lives. Also many sports may not be played anymore and cricket would surely take a back seat then. On the bright side one would expect no wars or weapons, which would lead to a better world as the entire defence budget would be used for development and poverty alleviation.

    So the next time you decide to mess with a female, beware she might just make you extinct.


    1. dear me lord!!! as if i already din’t have problem of rejection by womenfolk…now even mighty nature is conspiring to betray us 🙁
      but den, let them live alone…n i shall c till vat time they can survive without people scanning them head-to-toe every 5 mins…howsoever they might crib about the same, but they enjoy it…!

    2. Well there is such an island already existing in IRAN where no man is allowed to
      enter.Its an only woman island. You may try your luck to get admission.Best of luck


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